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About ASEAN Power Shift

1) Who is organising ASEAN Power Shift?
ASEAN Power Shift is a volunteer-led event. It is being organised by a group of 17 350 Singapore youth volunteers, and is being supported by Young NTUC.

2) Why are you organising ASEAN Power Shift?
The 350 Singapore youth activists who attended the UN Climate Change negotiations in Lima, Peru in December 2014, observed that there was a lack of ASEAN youth participation at COP and a lack of ASEAN NGO presence at COP, and thus saw that creating a localised platform in the ASEAN region, where youths and NGOs can come together, and be trained with critical information and skills towards COP21, was essential.

3) What is ASEAN Power Shift about?
The ASEAN Power Shift 2015 (APS15) is a three-day conference that will be held in Singapore from 24 – 26 July 2015.

The event aims to bring together youths from the 10 ASEAN countries to a common platform where they have an aligned position towards the climate negotiations later this year in Paris (also known as COP21), learn about each other’s environmental initiatives and experiences, and provide networking opportunities to catalyse more ground up climate initiatives.

The programme will consist of two key tracks, namely Policy Track and Knowledge Track.

The policy track is primarily for youth leaders who have done their respective national level consultation and will be involved in working to have a combined ASEAN Position.

The knowledge track is primarily for youth leaders as participants, to learn and be equipped with the necessary skills to run follow up activities and initiatives in their respective countries.

4) I can’t come to ASEAN Power Shift in Singapore 24-26th July. Are there other Power Shifts happening?
Yes, there are other Power Shifts happening around the same period. We are listing below those we are aware of. These Power Shifts are organised by different youth groups and have a different program altogether. Please visit the respective links to find out more.

. Taiwan Power Shift, 10-19th July in two locations in Taipei, Taiwan.
Organised by Taiwan Youth Climate Coalition.
Details here

Northeast Asian Power Shift, 21-22nd July, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China.
Organised by China Youth Climate Action Network.
Targetting youths of Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, South Korea.
Stay updated here 

South Asian Power Shift, 6-10th August, Kathmandu, Nepal.
Organised by Youth Alliance for Environment (YAE) and Digo Bikas Institute (DBI).
This is still in the works.


1) I am not from the ASEAN countries, can I still come?
Yes! ASEAN Power Shift is a public event, open to all. We welcome everyone.

We are targeting youths aged 17 to 35 years old, and from the ASEAN countries.. but we welcome everyone with open arms 🙂

2) How do I register?
You can register as a Participant and make payment through this link here

3) How much is the Conference Fee?
• $50 – General single ticket
• $40 – NTUC Member single ticket
• $40 – Student single ticket
• $200 – Bundle of 5 general single tickets
• $150 – Bundle of 5 NTUC Member single tickets
• $150 – Bundle of 5 Student single tickets

4) What does this Conference Fee cover?
The Conference Fee that you are paying, partially covers the Events Cost, such as event venue (plenary hall and breakout rooms), and food (for all three days).

5) Is my Travel and Accommodation covered?
No, the Conference Fee does not cover your Travel and Accommodation. You will have to make your own travel and accommodation arrangements.

6) Is there any Scholarships or Subsidies?
No, we are not able to provide any financial assistance. We suggest you approach a local organisation in your country to sponsor you.

Event Venue

1) Venue- Where will the event be held?

United World College of South East Asia (UWC SEA), East Campus
Block A, Auditorium and Conference Centre
1 Tampines Street 73
Singapore, Singapore 528704
(School website: )

2) Directions- How do I get there?

By Public Transport:
Public transport in Singapore is cheap, reliable and easy to understand. Buses and MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) trains form Singapore’s main public transport system. Single-trip tickets cost from $0.80 to $2 plus a $1 refundable deposit, just insert your used ticket into the ticketing machine to get your dollar back. All services are integrated, even if the lines are operated by different transport companies, so you do not need to buy a new ticket to transfer.

Bus and bus stop information for UWCSEA East (depending on direction of bus)
Tampines Avenue 5: Bus numbers 34, 69 and 293. Bus stops – Blk 730 or Blk 867A. Turn right into Tampines Street 71 then left into Tampines Street 73.
Tampines Avenue 9: Bus numbers 27, 72, 168. Bus stops – Blk 742A or Opp Blks 741/742. Turn left into Tampines Street 73.
Tampines Avenue 10: Bus numbers 34 and 58. Bus stops – Bef Tampines Ave 5 or Aft Tampines Ave 5. Turn left into Tampines Avenue 5, left into Tampines Street 71 then left into Tampines Street 73.

From Tampines MRT, you can reach the college by bus from Tampines Bus Interchange as follows:

Board bus service 69 and alight at bus stop Tampines Ave 5, Blk 867A, 3 stops later.
Alternatively, board bus service 72 and alight at bus stop Tampines Ave 9, Blk 742A, 4 stops later.

Inside UWCSEA East Campus
Upon entering the College on foot, turn right, cross the road at the crossing and follow the pavement round until you reach the Welcome Desk on your left hand side. The security guards at the Welcome Desk will issue you with a visitors’ pass in exchange for identification.’

(Credit: )

3) Accomodation- Where can I stay?
You can check out Hotel Accommodation close to UWCSEA East Campus here

If you are coming as individual or group, we suggest you check out Hostels on websites such at Hostelworld

If you are coming as a group, we suggest you check out Homes on websites such as Airbnb

4) Getting around Singapore
We suggest using websites such us for general suggestions on how to get around Singapore. 


1) I’d like to know more, who can I contact?
You can email [email protected]

You can also check out these links if you have not:
Registration page –
Facebook Community –
This FAQ page –

2) How many participants are able to attend?
We are targeting 300 to 500 youths.

3) What are the costs? Are there any other costs besides the Conference Fee?
Besides the Conference Fee, and travel and accommodation costs, you may want to prepare SGD$20 per day for your daily spending (train and bus ride, snacks).

4) What is the dress code?
This is a youth event, happening in a school compound.  Go smart casual! The auditorium and breakout rooms are airconditioned, so you might want to bring a jacket or sweater too.

5) I want to join in the fun now! What can I do?
• “Like” 350 Singapore on our Facebook page
• “Join” the ASEAN Power Shift Facebook event page
• Change your Facebook, Twitter and/or social media platform profile photo to the ASEAN Power Shift “I’m In” photo. Download it here.
• Write short posts such as..
(a) I’m going to #aseanpowershift ! Are you?
(b) #aseanpowershift is happening end July in Singapore!
(c) Connect with youths from 10 ASEAN countries at #aseanpowershift
(d) Learn more about Climate Change, UNFCCC, COP and the ASEAN Approach at #aseanpowershift
(e) Skill-Up! Attend workshops on Policies, Media and Communication as well as Creative Activism at #aseanpowershift

Ps: You may want to share ASEAN Power Shift Facebook event page while you’re at it.

6) What’s this online photo competition I’m seeing?
The New Generation Has Risen

It is time to band together to scale-Up climate action at ASEAN Power Shift 2015.

Here’s how you can WIN a pair of tickets to this event:
1) Post a creative original photo of a jumping action to
2) Tell us how joining ‪#‎aseanpowershift‬ can empower you to take climate action
3) Hashtag #aseanpowershift and state which ASEAN country you are from in the post

Judges will select 1 Winner per ASEAN country based on how creative and meaningful the entries are.

Your Air time starts now.

T&Cs apply – | Organised by ‪#‎350Singapore‬ | Powered by Young NTUC

“Our mid-air jumps represent our fight for climate action and the tackling of the ‘air issue’ – to reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere from its current level of 400 parts per million to below 350 ppm – to ensure climate safety and preserve a livable planet.”


1) I can see your Programme Overview. Can I know the Topics and Speakers list?
You may find the Programme Overview here

We are finalising the Topics and Speakers list. Please check out this website and the relevant tabs regularly!