Hello everyone!

We hope you kickstarted 2014 well, with meaningful plans for the year ahead, and with much positivity.

Here at 350 Singapore, we are taking this opportunity to say a big “Hello!” to you and thank YOU for reading our new blog.

As some of you would know, 350 Singapore was founded by Young NTUC in March 2010. It is the Singapore chapter to the global 350.org movement. This March would mark our 4th year here in Singapore. 

The past few years, we have mostly been using Facebook as a means of communication with you. This year onward, we have decided to also use this website as a means of interacting with you. 

We are still learning and developing this website. In here, we aim to:

  • Share as much information relating to Climate Change.
    – we want to establish a sense of urgency and convince you on the need to act immediately.
  • Creating a coalition.
    – assembling a group of people, who will develop strategies in tackling Climate Change, especially here in Singapore.

If you would like to help us out with:

  • Content for the website.
  • Help us organise a local power shift.
    – you can check out the the global event which happened in June last year here.

Then do let us know in our Contacts page!