At this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Steve Bannon outlined the Trump administration’s three “lines of work”:

  • National security and sovereignty
  • Economic nationalism
  • The deconstruction of the administrative state

Trump and Bannon are commencing this deconstruction with their first budget proposals:

Just as with Obamacare, Trump is overplaying his hand. 61% of Americans want the EPA either expanded or to remain the same, while only 19% want to see it weakened or eliminated. Even among Republicans, only 35% want to see it weakened or eliminated.

Over the last month, constituent anger and protests have stalled the repeal of the ACA and undermined the Muslim ban. We can make a difference. Join us in Ann Arbor at the April 22 March for Science and in DC for the April 29 People’s Climate March.

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