In a disturbing, yet unsurprising, development, the House has passed a bill, the Scientific Research in the National Interest Act, that would require scientists to explain how their research is “in the national interest” before receiving NSF grants. This could have dire impacts on researchers who study climate change, renewable energy, and other fields that are not in the interests of the Trump administration and the Republican majority in Congress. As Representative Eddie Bernice Johnson, D-TX, stated in the magazine Science , “The clear intent of the bill is to change how NSF makes funding decisions, according to what some majority members believe should or shouldn’t be funded.”

Please call your senator and tell them that you strongly oppose this bill! Here’s a suggested script:

“My name is <name> and I live at <address>. I’m calling to urge Senator <name> to oppose the Scientific Research in the National Interest Act. It is critical that scientists be allowed to study what will further our knowledge of the world. This means that they should not be afraid to propose bold ideas. They should not be subjected to the whims of politicians. Please vote against the Scientific Research in the National Interest Act when it reaches the Senate floor. Thank you.”