Understand that this is a crisis and we have already waited too long. Storms, floods, fires and climate refugees will impact food and water supplies. The ocean and the atmosphere literally keep us alive. We are in jeopardy. https://350.org/science/


  • Support local organic farms. https://riversidefoods.org/wp-content/uploads/2019_fresh_local_guide_web.pdf
  • Shop at thrift stores and check out your local “Buy Nothing” group. 
  • Walk and bike more.
  • Air dry laundry (healthier for the planet and clothes last longer).
  • Install LED light bulbs.
  • Create a compost bin and use the finished compost in your yard.
  • Use toilet paper that is made of bamboo or recycled paper. 
  • When you replace large appliances, upgrade to the cleanest models. HVAC units and water heaters can use heat pumps, an efficient technology that even qualifies the buyer for incentives. https://www.riversideca.gov/utilities/residents/rebates/about
  • Support rooftop solar on houses, apartments, schools, warehouses. Grid Alternatives is a local organization that helps pay and install for low income residents. They even do job training.
  • Send money to organizations working for climate justice. Low income neighborhoods often get the short end of the stick when it comes to chemicals in the environment. 
  • Choose your political candidates carefully. Have they taken the pledge to reject funding from fossil fuel interests? Find out at http://nofossilfuelmoney.org 
  • Talk to your representatives frequently. It takes courage to say no to big corporate pacs. Make sure they know you have their back.
  • Bank with credit unions or banks with some environmental credibility. If you take your money out of Chase or BofA,write a letter to the CEO to tell them why. 
  • Be proud of Riverside’s commitment to sustainability. They have incentives for solar installation, for buying electric cars, for planting trees, for creating a more low-water yard and they are holding a workshop on the Urban Forest on Jan. 26th: https://www.riversideca.gov/sites/default/files/press/pdf/RPU%20Public%20Engagement%20Workshop_Urban%20Forest_Social_0.pdf

                            Get involved with a local group working on climate justice. Each one of us can do something!