350 Riverside is a countywide volunteer group of grassroots climate activists. We are affiliated with 350.org, co-founded by Bill McKibben, and we are building a movement that can hold our leaders accountable to science and justice. We work to keep fossil fuels in the ground, limit emissions, improve air quality, and build a clean, equitable, zero-carbon economy. We believe in the power of climate justice, collaboration, and mass mobilizations to create change, and we are guided by the principles of nonviolence, openness, and inclusivity. Already, 350 Riverside has helped  convince California lawmakers to vote in support of SB 100, a law that sets a goal of 100 percent renewable energy powering the state’s grid by 2045. We’ve collected signatories to the No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge. We invite you to join us in talking with lawmakers and candidates, reaching out to the community, educating, marching, and participating in other peaceful democratic actions.

A meeting at Back to the Grind is followed by a visit to the office of our elected Representative Mark Takano


We were founded in 2017. We work closely with other 350 local groups across the state, particularly 350 SoCal, 350 Bay Area, and San Diego 350. We are a member of the 350 Greater Los Angeles Legislative Committee. Our name, 350, references the carbon (parts per million) in the atmosphere that has supported human heatlh. We are well over 400 parts per million today, and experiencing the fires, floods and super storms that are threatening us, and will be more dangerous for our children and grandchildren. Please join us!

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https://www.facebook.com/350riverside/  or Twitter https://twitter.com/350Riverside