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Congressman Carbajal

Protect Price Canyon meets with incoming Congressman, Salud Carbajal! Thank you so much to Erica Reyes for arranging a meeting with the Congressman! Erica, along with Greg Haas, (staff for the Congressman) attended our Jan 9th, 2017 meeting expressing interest in our campaign, providing feedback, and contact information to follow up. Five members of Protect (More...)

Standing SLO

Standing SLO Leaders Roberto Monge and Violet Cavanaugh reach out to Protect Price Canyon! Special thanks to Violet and Roberto for attending our Jan 9th, 2017 meeting! Violet spoke to the group and made a moving case for solidarity between progressive groups. As she spoke about the growing nationwide movement to “Protect”, to not just (More...)

Women’s March, SLO

  Protect Price Canyon Members to March in solidarity Please join us if you can! We will have a table and be passing out flyers. What/When: This event is a local San Luis Obispo march in solidarity with the Women’s March on Washington on Jan 21. This is a PRO peace movement and INCLUSIVE march. (More...)

Demurrer is Overruled

Good news! On November 2, 2016 Judge Barry T. La Barbera overruled Freeport McMoRan’s motion to dismiss the Center for Biological Diversity lawsuit  challenging state oil regulators (DOGGR) “rubber stamping” of an application to the EPA for an expansion of an aquifer exemption in Price Canyon. Read the official ruling here. (More...)

Public Notice of Determination

California Department of Conservation does an about-face? This is significant! While this does not have a direct administrative impact on the AGOF application. The aquifer within the field is not one of the 11 historically exempt aquifers involved in the Determination. This does, however, send shock-waves through the industry in advance of the aquifer exemption (More...)

Rally to Protect SLO’s Water, Say No to Big Oil’s Bullying!

On Oct 13th, 2016 Protect Price Canyon supporters hold a rally outside County Courthouse  Before we know it, more than 70 aquifers in California could become trash dumps for the oil industry. State oil regulators are considering asking the Environmental Protection Agency to exempt these aquifers from the federal Safe Drinking Water Act so that (More...)

Opening arguments in DOGGR suit

  The Center for Biological Diversity filed a lawsuit against DOGGR for their “rubber-stamping” of the Aquifer Exemption sent to the EPA on behalf of Freeport-McMoRan. This is the opening arguments and formal start of the actual litigation of the case. While this is a court hearing so we need to show “decorum” in the (More...)

Break Free from Fossil Fuels

  At the beginning of 2016, the fossil fuel industry faces an unprecedented existential crisis — from collapsing oil prices, a new global climate deal, and an ever-growing movement calling for change. We have never had a better chance in history to break free from fossil fuels and build a just transition to clean and (More...)