Click here to download a list of people and organizations we are seeking support, endorsements or resolutions for not expanding the aquifer exemption area. (Word Document), (PDF).

Support & Endorsements:

Here is an example of a letter to a politician:

Senator Monning (Word Document), (PDF)

Salud Carbajal (Word Document), (PDF)

Here is an example of a letter to a winery (Word Document),   (PDF)

Here is an example of a letter to the EPA  (PDF)


Resolution Guide by The Center for Biological Diversity (These will be more of a team effort so don’t get overwhelmed! Also this guide is for Anti-Fracking Resolutions, but the process is the same.)

Please look over the target list to see if you know anyone personally, or have some connection to, and consider getting in contact with them to see if they will join us!

Soon we hope this page looks more like this!