tori tori, May 11, 2017


On June 15, a major court case of Big Oil vs. local SLO communities will be heard, and the decision will set a precedent for San Luis Obispo’s water.
Big Oil wants to sacrifice a SLO aquifer to use a trash dump for toxic oil waste, and state oil regulators are rubber-stamping this proposal. The project is critical to drilling up to 350 new wells.
But residents are fighting this, and the Center for Biological Diversity sued regulators for supporting this groundwater giveaway. The suit asks the court to set aside the state’s approval of the water sacrifice and halt oil company injection into this underground water until regulators have complied with state environmental laws.
If we win the suit, then we will force Big Oil to comply with the laws that protect our water, and potentially stop the massive oilfield expansion. But if we lose, then Big Oil may get a green light to permanently pollute and destroy SLO’s water.
That’s why we need to pack the court and raise our voices leading up to June 15. Join PRO SLO H2O (formerly Protect Price Canyon) to show that our communities demand protection of our groundwater.
WHAT: Pack the Court: Protect Our Water Rally & Hearing
WHEN: Rally at 8am; Hearing at 9am, June 15th, 2017
WHERE: 1035 Palm St, SLO
WEAR: Blue – the color of our water