tori tori, February 8, 2017
Campaign Idea:

For V-Day and the original deadline date for the exemptions to be resolved set by the EPA (Feb 15th, 2017) we are decorating our own signs telling what we love and taking a “selfie” and we will post on our website, Facebook page, and print them off to deliver to State Senator Monning’s office next week! (Or have someone take a photo of you holding your sign).

Post selfie:

You may do several things:

  • Be creative and funny if you want! Cleaver stuff is so engaging and the Press love it!
  • Be polite, the Senator has a long record of being on the side of environmentalists.
  • Think outside the box… Video on You-Tube? Group pix? Extra credit for something really cool! ~_^
  • Make up the rules as you go along…
Blank Sign




Be Here!!! One of the Protectors!