350 Plattsburgh will hold its first divestment forum this Sunday, May 1st on May Day.

The divestment forum is aimed at building grassroots support towards a fossil fuel divestment campaign in Plattsburgh, New York and the Adirondacks and is part of a fossil fuel divestment campaign that will seek to divest the City of Plattsburgh and teach citizens how to personally divest their stocks.

The divestment forum will proceed after a the final showing of the final film of our conjoint effort in the Not Yet Silent Spring Film series organized by a coalition of social change groups in the Plattsburgh area. The final film showing will be at 4 Palmer Street in Plattsburgh, New York starting at 2 PM until 4:30 PM. The final film will be Divest!: The Climate Movement on Tour.


At 5 PM EST 350 Plattsburgh will hold the divestment forum until 6:30 designed to build the discussion and come up with an action plan on how to next build the divestment movement around the Adirondacks but especially the City of Plattsburgh.

May 1st, is May Day, International Workers Day, 350 Plattsburgh can think of no better way than to celebrate it with a day full of activism and social/climate justice awareness. 7 PM will mark another event based around the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) as a webinar house party at 4 Palmer Street following the potluck held between the two events. This webinar house party will be lead by 350 Plattsburgh’s own Mary-Alice Shemo and will highlight the dangers that the TPP will pose to workers across the United States and the involving nations.


Join us this May Day in celebrating workers rights and standing up against climate and social injustice everywhere.


Keep fighting.



The 350 Plattsburgh Organizing Team