Dear Climate Justice Visionaries,
      Thank you for a wonderful May Day filled with exciting events such as the final showing of the final film in our Spring film Series’ Divest!: The Climate Movement on Tour, our Fossil Fuel Divestment Discussion and Forum with SUNY Plattsburgh Fossil Fuel Divestment Team’s Aaron Baltich-Schecter, a wonderful potluck to share community and meals together and a Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Webinar on how the TPP will affect workers’ rights in honor of May Day, the Day of International Workers.
  What a whirlwind!
350 Plattsburgh would like to thank you for the success of these events, without you it would not have been possible. This is progress towards our goals and as we move forward the momentum rushes forward. Our work however, is not done, this is one step in a journey of a thousand miles.
Happy May! This means we are in the final stretch of Break Free From Fossil Fuels, an international event that is sweeping the world through a wave of civil disobedience against the fossil fuel industry from east to west. Find out more with live updates here.
In Plattsburgh we are celebrating this with five events:
On Sunday, May 8th from 4:00 to 5:00 PM 350 Plattsburgh will hold its Bi-Monthly meeting at 30 City Hall Place, Plattsburgh, New York (Champlain WIne Company) to discuss our next steps and plan the next few months, all are welcome and we will set up our Maestro conference call so that others may participate remotely.
On Monday May 9th from 5:30 to 8 350 Plattsburgh would like to invite you in joining  folks from around the region in viewing the film Disobedienceand engaging in a discussion about what to do next as a community and to discuss the upcoming Break Free Actions in Albany, New York and Plattsburgh, New York. Event starts at 6 PM, 5:30-6 PM Social half hour. (Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic beverages available for purchase!)
On May 11-13th join activists from across the Northeast in Albany for an action camp before Break Free Albany.
On Saturday May 14th join thousands in Albany, New York in civil disobedience against Global and an action against bomb trains which run through the Adirondack region towards Albany to be shipped on barges down to New Jersey. Take part in shutting down Global.
On Sunday May 15th join 350 Plattsburgh, a growing list of organizations and hundreds of citizens from around the Adirondack-Lake Champlain region in downtown Plattsburgh at MacDonough monument for Break Free Plattsburgh.
 We will rally, join in a climate parade, kayak the Saranac River, ride alternative transportation such as bicycle masses, hold an environmental justice carnival and celebrate the diversity of our climate movement in the region while breaking free from our ties to fossil fuels and beginning to transition to renewable energy, to local sustainable agriculture and a climate and energy just planet as a region together. To Volunteer at the event, help organize for it or RSVP click here. If you would like to endorse as an organization or your organization would like to help organize or support click here.
(Flyer for these events attached below! Please print out or spread electronically as much as you can! The more outreach we have, the better!)
These events are all promising and we are looking to help to bring an escalation towards transitioning to the vision we desperately need to build. 
Will you join us these next few weeks to transition to a just and equitable economy, community and world?
Join us next this Monday May 9th at 30 City Hall Place for the film Disobedience  and a community/regional discussion on what our next steps are, what is happening with Break Free Plattsburgh and Albany and where we go from here along with performances by local artist and musician, climate caroling and more!
Thank you again for a wonderful May Day and
See You in the Streets,
The 350 Plattsburgh Team