350 Plattsburgh tabled at Plattsburgh Senior High School’s Earth Day 2016 event where youth from elementary, middle school and high school attended in honor of Earth Day 2016. 350 Plattsburgh connected the dangers of climate change to the use of fossil fuels for elementary and middle schools and urged the importance of action to youth of all ages. 350 Plattsburgh also emphasized the power of youth in the climate movement and that youth have been one of the most powerful voices in the climate movement.

At the Earth Day event, 350 Plattsburgh began to unveil their new initiative of an affiliate group of 350 Plattsburgh: 350 Plattsburgh Youth!

350 Plattsburgh Youth! is an initiative to build youth power and leadership in the climate movement and especially around the Adirondack coast areas. The new initiative urges youth leaders to take action on climate and work together to solve the climate crisis while working independently solely as a youth led organization.

Any and all youth are encouraged to join no matter their age and if you or someone you know would like to join e-mail [email protected] for more details!

The day ended successfully with many youth signing up for the group and young adults learning more about the dangers of fossil fuel addiction towards climate change and what we can do to curb the affects of climate change  and cut down on fossil fuel addiction.

350 Plattsburgh stepped away from the day with the vision that this is one step in a long change towards climate justice and building a transition towards a sustainable planet.


350 Plattsburgh invites you to join us in this vision and hopes to see you in the streets where-ever you may be!