Jamie Henn from 350.org tweets from COP25


So what’s going on at ? I’ve been talking with a bunch of activists & organizations who are here in Madrid and here are some of the key issues and themes emerging. A thread –>

1. These can’t just be the climate talks anymore — they need to be the climate *justice* talks. was moved from Chile because of protests to demand dignity & human rights. We will never address the climate crisis unless we address the injustice & inequality at its core.

2. The last year saw the massive Global , the rise of the , and a more. Real leadership is coming from the streets — negotiators at will need to run to catch up.

4. Can get serious about addressing climate disasters? These meetings will see a fight over “loss & damage,” the necessity of compensating vulnerable countries for climate impacts. Thoughts & prayers aren’t enough: they need to see real money.

5. What’s up with Article 6? needs to produce clear rules to govern any potential carbon markets so that they don’t turn into a total flustercluck. You know bankers, polluters, and wealthy countries are going to try and game the system…

6. It’s time to say the F-words: fossil fuels. The Paris Agreement didn’t mention coal, oil or gas a single time. needs to kickstart the conversation about how countries will keep fossil fuels in the ground as part of their pledges in 2020.

7. Speaking of fossils — it’s high time that the kick polluters out of the process. They’re already greenwashing and will be here trying to hold back progress. Enough is enough.

8. There’s another F-word we need to start saying: finance. Banks, insurers and investors are funding this crisis with every dollar they put into fossil fuels. Let’s hope Mark Carney’s appointment as UN Special Envoy will shine a spotlight on the issue.

9. You can help put pressure on the finance industry and governments to stop funding fossil fuels by signing this petition — we’ll be sure your voices get delivered here at .

10. Finally, we know the real action at will be in the streets. Get ready for a big on December 6! Many youth climate strike leaders will be here in Madrid to plot the next steps for their surging movement. Vamos!