Philadelphia Energy Authority Press Release, June 14, 2018 – The Philadelphia Energy Campaign, an initiative proposed by Council President Darrell L. Clarke and administered by the Philadelphia Energy Authority, is the subject of an award-winning research paper published at Harvard University.

The paper, titled “A Pathway to Preservation? Planning Processes at the Intersection of Climate Change and Affordable Housing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,“ by Harvard Graduate School of Design’s Caroline Lauer, was awarded the 2018 Best Paper on Housing Prize by the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University.

“Cities across the United States have been actively planning for climate change for twenty years, but equity considerations, such as climate investment’s impact on disadvantaged communities, have often been overlooked or ignored in the broader climate planning process,” Lauer writes in the paper. “The Philadelphia Energy Authority’s (PEA) Philadelphia Energy Campaign (PEC) is an unlikely success story of a municipal climate initiative prioritizing the needs of its low-income and minority residents, transcending the disconnect between equity and environment by addressing affordable, safe housing through energy policy.”

In 2016, Council President Clarke announced the $1 billion Philadelphia Energy Campaign, a sustainable energy initiative to reduce energy costs in municipal and School District of Philadelphia buildings as well as small businesses, and create 10,000 energy sector jobs over 10 years. The campaign is administered by the Philadelphia Energy Authority, the energy policy office authorized by City Council in 2010.