Sept. 17, 2018. In this guest blog, Fossil Free Culture NL reflects on their campaign against Shell sponsorship.

Disobedient art can win the fight against artwashing!  The proof is right here in black and white.

With the flurry of deal dropping announcements in The Netherlands this (baking hot) summer, the question really has been begged: Could the cultural sector be reaching an ethical tipping point? Is it finally becoming socially unacceptable for institutions to accept oil sponsorship?


And even more toxic than tobacco.

As artists and cultural workers we’ve chosen to undermine the power of the fossil fuel industry in our own backyard directly. We’ve put our focus on confronting artwashing, which is basically greenwashing, using art.

When companies like Shell sponsor museums and cultural institutions, it’s not because they care about art, it’s to paint their faces with a veneer of goodwill and distract the public from the disastrous reality of their business practices. To make themselves look like generous contributors to society, when they are in fact the diametric opposite.