July 23, 2020

Youth groups file 15th petition against the Anti-Terror Law

By Youth Strike for Climate

Earlier today, Youth Strike 4 Climate Philippines filed a petition to the Supreme Court of the Philippines, urging the Court to declare the Anti-Terror Law of 2020 unconstitutional.

Youth Strike 4 Climate Philippines is the only youth-led environmental organization to be part of the Petitioners that will be represented by a legal team of young lawyers led by Atty. Dino de Leon, who recently filed a petition for mandamus to the Supreme Court, urging the Court to compel Malacanang to release President Duterte’s health records.

The vague provisions of the Act will only endanger the lives of environmental and climate advocates in the Philippines as well as our environmental defenders who selflessly fight for environmental and climate justice.

Youth Strike 4 Climate Philippines will take the fight from the streets to the hallmarks of jurisprudence!