The figure 350 is not just a mere number, it symbolizes the safest upper limit of CO2 in our atmosphere. Carbon emissions mainly come from regular human activities such as our daily transportation, industrial production and coal-fired power plants.

Last week the atmospheric carbon level is at 392.29 parts per million. As said earlier the safest level is at 350 parts per million. If we can’t get below that, scientists say, that the damage we are already experiencing and seeing from global warming will continue to worsen.In fact, we have just had the warmest February since 1880, with global temperatures soaring a record 12.5 Celsius higher.

We in aim to promote environmental awareness not only to the youth but to the entire world, and translate these in to meaningful actions for solutions.

The framework that we see apt to achieve all of these is through the pursuit of a green economy; we believe this will make our cities and our island a sustainable province.

Before we will turn-off our electricity tomorrow night, to manifest our intention to lower our carbon footprint, we want all our political leaders to immediately pursue the following:

1. Moratorium on the construction of additional Coal-Fired Power Plants around the country
2. Implement the agreements of the Renewable Energy Summit towards making our province the hub for renewable energy
3. Return our roads and other public spaces to the people; bike lanes, walk ways, and sustainable, low-carbon transportation should be our priority.
4. Review current local economic policies and develop new investment guidelines that will ensure green architectures, green jobs, and green investment
5. Institutionalize sustainable agriculture, by supporting efforts of our local farmers in weaning themselves from fertilizer-intensive farming
6. Immediately develop a resiliency plan, to detail our adaptation plan to various disasters brought by climate change, and other causes.

We believe that these measures, if implemented as soon as possible, will go a long way towards achieving low-carbon, resource-efficient, and socially-inclusive economies.

Let us decarbonize our economy. Today for Earth Hour, It is time for 350. South-East Asia
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CO2 FACTS: HUMANITY’S CARBON EMISSIONS (2000 – 2009) 1. Fossil Fuels & Cement – 88% / 7.7 billion metric tonnes per year 2. Land Use Change – 12% 1.1 billion metric tonnes per year

WHERE IT GOES: 1. Atmosphere – 47%, 4.1 billion metric tonnes per year 2.Land – 27%, 2.4 billion metric tonnes per year 3. Oceans – 26%, 2.3 billion tonnes per year