Keep Atimonan Coal-Free!

Help us remind the Municipal Government of Atimonan to advance the best interests of the people by rejecting Meralco PowerGen Corporations’ proposed coal-fired power plant project in Atimonan, Quezon.

Numerous studies have already established that the negative impacts of coal power generation that harms both communities and ecosystems, as well as cause global warming.

We must not let the province of Quezon be consigned to further dirty energy development that puts the lives of communities, ecosystems, the economy and our climate at risk by leaders who lack the foresight to do what is right.

Raise your voice for a coal-free future!

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About the campaign

We need to stand up and demand that governments and energy producers respect the fundamental rights of people and the planet.

Numerous studies have already established that the burning of coal is also a leading cause of smog, acid rain, and toxic air pollution that harm both communities and ecosystems.


Carbon emissions from energy production are the largest source of greenhouse gases that cause global warming.

Should the construction of this coal plant push through, the coal plant would turn the province of Quezon into the ‘coal capital’ of the Philippines because it would now host 4 coal plants further locking-in the province into 20-40 more years of coal dependence.

Lastly investors have already caught on to the fact that coal can no longer be the least-cost option for baseload demand, even before externalities such as public health impacts and environmental damage are priced in. The proposed coal plant in Atimonan, an enormous and expensive new coal-fired power plant that is a risky proposition at best.

Coal is an obsolete energy source that is already being phased out by renewable energy technologies –help us move the energy revolution forward by signing up.

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Carving Out Coal in the Philippines

Stranded Coal Plant Assets and the Energy Transition

The proposed Atimonan coal power project is a glaring example of how the Philippines is needlessly and dangerously over-dependent on coal, according to a new, groundbreaking report by Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis and the Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities.



Key Findings


The Philippines is heavily but needlessly dependent on imported coal.


All proposed and committed coal plants are projected to become stranded assets. Many currently in operation are already in various stages of stranding.


The people should not end up paying for stranded costs. Policymakers must protect the people from the growing financial risks faced by coal, including health and environmental risks.

The country holds a vast potential for solar, wind, and other sources of renewable energy. Solar-powered electricity costs have fallen by 99% since 1976 and by 90% since 2009. The cost of wind-powered generation has fallen 50% since 2009.


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Did you know that @meralco's #AtimonanCoal project was approved without open competitive selection?
The @meralco #AtimonanCoal project has stranded-asset risk that will raise electricity rates
Did you know that @meralco's #AtimonanCoal project will be reliant on imported coal?
The @meralco #AtimonanCoal project will expose consumers to global coal price fluctuations

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