After 20 years of lobbying for international political action, a group of Climate Warriors from 13 Pacific Islands are travelling to Australia to raise awareness of the Australian fossil fuel industry’s role in promoting the destruction of their homes.

They are reaching out to Australians to join them in the fight to stop climate change at its source.

We will stand in solidarity with the Pacific Islands as they arrive on our shores. We are calling on people right across the country to help build our collective power by generating hope in their community.

Join the Warriors in Newcastle

On October 17th, Pacific Climate Warriors will use the canoes they have built to paddle out into the harbour of the world’s largest coal port – Newcastle – to stop coal exports for a day.

The Pacific Warriors cannot block a whole coal port alone, we need a whole flotilla of Australians to join them to sustain a strong presence for the entire day.

Join the Newcastle Flotilla

Join a solidarity action

Campaigners across the country will be organising actions to oppose fossil fuel expansion in Australia and stand in solidarity with the Pacific Warriors. Register to hear about trainings and action details.

Register for a solidarity action

Divest for the Pacific

Come to the National Divestment Day on October 18th and move your money out of banks that fund fossil fuel projects.

Sign up for divestment day

Send a message of solidarity

Gather your family, friends or community group and take a photo with your message of support for the Pacific Warrior’s cause. Let us know you are keen by registering and we will be in touch with resources to help you organise your photo. There’ll be suggestions for just yourself, or a crowd of 100.

Send a solidarity message

The Pacific Climate Warriors have chosen to fight rather than drown. We need to show them that they are not alone in  the fight for action on climate change. We look forward to seeing you in October!

Hear the Pacific Story

Hear first hand about the impacts of climate change from the Warriors.

Stand with the Warriors

As the warriors land on Australia's shores thousands will stand up in solidarity with their fight.

Stand with the Warriors by:

Joining an Action

Showing Your Solidarity

Divesting for the Pacific

Newcastle flotilla

On October 17 the Pacific Climate Warriors will use their traditional canoes to peacefully block the world's largest coal port in Newcastle.

Come along and be part of a defining moment in history.

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