We have received an overwhelming response to our crowdfunder campaign. As part of the perks for some donations, contributors elected to have their names printed on this Solidarity page, to make a bold statement that says WE STAND WITH THE PACIFIC.

Ultimate Warriors

Okeanos – Foundation for the Sea


Legendary Warriors

Jonathan Milford
Pacific Voyagers Charitable Trust

Champion Warriors

Daniel Spencer
Rick Haughton & Dael Allison
Ira Ziering


Climate Warriors

Jane Crothers
Nerys Lewis
Teue Collier
Werner Meyer
Tony Smark & Associates
Matthew Jones
Kirsty Fox
Erik Doerr
Blair Stafford
Lisandre Lyon
Isaac Astill
Rebecca Hilder
Atalanta Lloyd-Haynes


Island Warriors

Anne McFie
Nigel Reid
Olya Tolpyhina
Elizabeth DeLoughrey
Scott Sledge
Sharon Joyce
Michael McIntosh
Nancy Weeks Singham
Laura Paul
Anthony Castellano
James Clark
Emily Dowding-Smith
Simon Blake
Eric Rheinheimer
Denis McClean
Karl Leibfacher & Stacy Westfall
Mae Hasse
Ashley J Anderson
Matt Pawa
Robert Barclay
Mark Morand
Peter Allan
Winky Gordon
Linda Barwick
Carmen Bekker
Bob Boughton & Deborah Durnan
Bill Grove
Andrea Packard
Bill Bigelow
Jack Brubaker
Matthew Ward
Gold Coast Boarding Kennels & Cattery
Craig Walters
Frank Edwards
Tony Dalton


Ocean Warriors

Donella Peters
Quentin Lancrenon



Anna Schlunke
Dean Leggo
Scott Brusaw
John Ross
Simon Butler
John Blyth
Ben Clarke
Constance Lever-Tracy
Zoltan Doka
Julie Sze
Ben Stafford
T. Miskimmin
Claire van Herpen
Jacqueline Staunton
Connie Rohman
Gail Marie
Fyfe Strachan
Patricia Perez
Carolin Byrne
Melody Brabant
Zette Harbour
Sherrell Cuneo
Imogen Atkins
Douglas Friesen
Louise Hazan
Nigel Westlake
Aiko Yamashita
Greg Simmons
Claire van Herpen
Fiona Hodge
Jennifer Allison
Marie, Tasman & Owen Carvolth
Gail Stubber
Linda Cockburn
Angela Deegan
Jude Mitchelson
Tim Jacquier
Margaret Hilder
Anna Goldstein
Chase Hobbs-Morgan
Paul Schroder
Phoebe Howe
Lucy Manne
Janet Dearden
Grace Leung
Marg Mclean
Heli Burke
Graeme Kelleher. AO
Mark Singer
Ben Stafford 

Last updated Thursday 9th October  2014

Hear the Pacific Story

Hear first hand about the impacts of climate change from the Warriors.

Stand with the Warriors

As the warriors land on Australia's shores thousands will stand up in solidarity with their fight.

Stand with the Warriors by:

Joining an Action

Showing Your Solidarity

Divesting for the Pacific

Newcastle flotilla

On October 17 the Pacific Climate Warriors will use their traditional canoes to peacefully block the world's largest coal port in Newcastle.

Come along and be part of a defining moment in history.

Stay up to date with the Warriors