This October we will be stepping up our fight to oppose the expansion of the Australian coal and gas industry — in solidarity with the Pacific. 

Across the country we will take action in solidarity with Pacific Warriors — a representation of our commitment to do all we can to prevent insurmountable climate change in the Pacific. 

Sign up below to find out details of actions in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne or Perth to show your solidarity for the Pacific Warriors and their call for climate change action.

We will then be in touch about upcoming nonviolent direct action trainings near you and to lt you know about the Island of Hope Actions. 


Join the Brisbane River Flotilla – a fun and colourful day in support of the Pacific Climate Warriors. Paddle or walk along the river in support of the Warriors fight. 

Other actions  – Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Perth

Other actions in other cities are still being finalised. Sign up here to find out more. 

Hear the Pacific Story

Hear first hand about the impacts of climate change from the Warriors.

Stand with the Warriors

As the warriors land on Australia's shores thousands will stand up in solidarity with their fight.

Stand with the Warriors by:

Joining an Action

Showing Your Solidarity

Divesting for the Pacific

Newcastle flotilla

On October 17 the Pacific Climate Warriors will use their traditional canoes to peacefully block the world's largest coal port in Newcastle.

Come along and be part of a defining moment in history.

Stay up to date with the Warriors