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This is the website for the Pacific Climate Warriors action that blocked the world’s biggest coal port in Newcastle, Australia in October 2014. See below for blog posts and updates about the action.

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Hear first hand about the impacts of climate change from the Warriors.

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As the warriors land on Australia's shores thousands will stand up in solidarity with their fight.

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Newcastle flotilla

On October 17 the Pacific Climate Warriors will use their traditional canoes to peacefully block the world's largest coal port in Newcastle.

Come along and be part of a defining moment in history.

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Coal ships stopped. The Warriors have risen!

There are some days that leave you changed for a lifetime. Friday was one of those.

The 350 Pacific Climate Warriors paddled out into the Port of Newcastle, followed by hundreds of Australians and came head to head with gigantic …


Brisbanites stand in solidarity with Pacific Warriors

Brisbane River Flotilla in Support of Pacific Climate Warriors


Brisbanites joined in solidarity with Pacific Islanders fighting against the destruction of climate change in a flotilla on the Brisbane River on Sunday. The event follows a blockade of the


Media Release

The Pacific Climate Warriors Have Arrived

The Pacific Climate Warriors have arrived in Sydney with five specially made traditional canoes, which will lead a fleet of boats to stop coal ships, at the port of Newcastle, for a day.

These young people have travelled to Australia …


From Pit to the Pacific: Climate Action Now

On Monday 13th October, the Pacific Climate Warriors will make the trek to Leard State Forest to stop climate change where it starts. The Warriors will join the campaign to stop the construction of Whitehaven Coal’s Maules Creek Coal Mine …