newjersey newjersey, August 27, 2019

We rallied and made a stand against fossil fuel investments for the State Pension Fund at the State Investment Council’s bi-monthly meeting in Trenton on July 24th. We demonstrated outside before the meeting as the council members were trickling in and we asked them to consider divesting from fossil fuels and invest in green, renewable energy.

Several of our members testified at the hearing to pressure the council to change their investment practices including:

Tina Weishaus – DivestNJ Coalition Member / 350NJ-Rockland Steering Committee Member / Chair of Sustainable Highland Park

Ted Glick – President of 350NJ-Rockland and Barbara Pal

Barbara Pal – DivestNJ Coalition Member / Climate Reality Project.

To read the testimonies please click here.

Earth Day 2020 – Coalition for Climate-Safe Pensions

Divest from fossil fuels!!!


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