350NJ-ROCKLAND 350NJ-ROCKLAND, August 27, 2019

We had a strong presence at the first public hearing on New Jersey’s Draft Energy Master Plan in Trenton on July 17th. The majority of the testimonies throughout the long day was from various environmental organizations and concerned citizens and we sent a clear message to Governor Murphy and his Board of Public Utilities that the proposed plan in its current form is unacceptable. We demand an immediate moratorium on all fossil fuel expansion projects and a net zero plan to achieve 100% renewable, clean energy in New Jersey by 2050 or sooner. In addition to the strong and vocal presence inside the hearing with many powerful testimonies, we held a rally between the morning and afternoon hearing sessions with various speakers from different organizations and affiliations.

The Energy Master Plan has a lot of problems and needs to be sent back to the drawing board for many changes. You can find out more about it and the problems by clicking here.


Divest from fossil fuels!!!