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Climate strike 20th Sep- 2019- why to strike with us -Sagarika Bhatta, Powershift Nepal

Nepal, is a country of the Third Pole –– the mammoth conglomeration of ice frozen in the Himalaya and Hindu-Kush mountains So many different national and global agencies have already highlighted the devastating effects of the climate crisis on our ice cover and water systems.  Our topography and unique position in the world mean that as the world heats up, the 2 billion people downstream could be affected, in some cases leading to forced migration.

PowerShift Nepal in action 2018- Rise for climate

Powershift Nepal has organised a Rise for Climate event in Kathmandu on Friday to raise awareness about climate change and other environmental issues. Prior to the event, school students were made aware of climate change through workshops. They also organised a rally from South Point School. A total of five schools and students of forestry and environment took part in the event.

The cost of loss and damage: Who shall fund?-Sagarika Bhatta

Worst impact due to climate change is mostly experienced by the poorest and vulnerable communities of countries around the world. The impact due to climate change that goes beyond the capacity to cope or adapt is termed as Loss and Damage. The biggest truth of climate change is burning of fossil fuel. 

Rising from roots for Climate- Udit Bhatta

Climate change as an issue has had to cross the debate phase of being untrue for a long time. While a small group still advocate it as a hoax, the overwhelming scientific data across the world, from the oceans, to the Himalayas or the atmosphere continues to prove, something is utterly wrong in our climatic patterns.

Eco-Village Development (EVD) Concept: Low-Carbon Approach to Climate Solution and Enhancing Rural Livelihood- Niraj shrestha, Bipin Karki and Shovana Maharjan

Geographically, Nepal is located in South Asian region. Like many other countries of South Asian region, Nepal is showcasing gradual growth in its economy although the earthquake in 2015 derailed its progress. On one hand country with growing economy cannot inhibit developmental activities where as on other hand as a least developed country Nepal has to deal with vulnerabilities associated with global climate change phenomenon.