For the completion of my Bachelor in Environmental Management, I choose Humla as my study area for the Research purposes. The reason I chose Humla is as it is my birth place where I really felt comfortable to communicate and interact with people, secondly humla which is really vulnerable to climate change.

 I selected Nepka Village of Humla District. Nepka is located in a very tough topography area. It is only one village of Humla which is still not accessible by communication facilities. Nepka is a tamang community but they don’t speak tamang.

 I came to Humla on 29th August and headed towards Nepka on   14th September. Research was my main focus while other was Climate Event which in my leadership, Powershift Nepal  had planned to do in School. In September , Climate and students all over the world are doing Climate strike. So, I thought it will be the best idea to give knowledge to the students about climate change and do rally. With lots of excitement and hope, I ride my journey.

 I went Nepka with my two friends Gambeera Shahi and Jayant Tamangi. On the way we had fun, we went dancing and singing and had make our journey more fruitful. I remember. It was really hard to pass because of the bushes and the jungles. At the same time it was rainy season. It was difficult but I took it lightly with the hope to explore Nepka and survey for my thesis as well for  event. The journey towards Nepka from my village Piplang is one day but we took two days to reach. We stayed in a place called “Challa” where there were only two houses and one hotel. We reached so late that we hardly got chance to sleep and eat. Anyway that also remain as one of the memories I will never forget. My destination was about to come and I was more more excited. Enjoying with the company, nature, chirping of birds, flowing streams and rivers I reached Nepka on 15th September.

       On the first day, I did nothting. There was no any problem of shelter in Nepka because my family had a really good and brotherhood relationship with the people of Nepka. One of my  friend Jayanti with whom I travel was also from the same village. I stayed in her house for one week. Aama and buwa were so friendly that I didn’t miss my home. They treat me as her own daughter. Jayanti  and Gambeera were so active and helpful that I found easy communicating with people and to know the place and lifestyle more easily. Jayanti introduced me with the people of each and every houses. I did my household survey for two days. It remains good.

         On 18 th September, I did my event of Climate strike in “Shree Danphe Adarvoot School”. The students of that school were so sincere and too friendly. They show interest in knowing more about climate change. It was really a happy moment for me to distribute my knowledge to them but I felt so hard to teach them. The students could not even  spell the word “strike”

Anyway at last I made it. I did Climate Strike Rally with students with the slogan “we want climate  justice”. I also managed to do drawing competition among students too. The students enjoyed the events. As a gift I distributed pencils and pens to winning group. The event went better as I have thought. 

On 19 th September, I headed my journey towards “Changara Community Forest”. It was located in High altitude Himalayas. The way was more dangerous and difficult than before. In the guidance of Bhairav Tamang (buwa) I made it to reach my destination. It was too cold there, I even can’t explain how I felt. I did my practical over there. I recognized medicinal herbs and study their importance. I saw only few medicinal herbs. If I have gone to more up Himalayas, I could have seen many more medicinal herbs. The main problem that didn’t let me to go high Himalayas is the weather. I stayed there for two days in a small hut with other Nepkyal. Other Nepkya were Animal herders who instead of going school look after the animals and sit over the whole summer season. They were so friendly and kind. The scenery of Changara was too astonishing as I felt I was in dreamland. I capture some of the pictures in mobile and some of them in my memory. There were hundreds of beautiful places in Nepka but I went only few places like bholbana, garlanga, dhoraf daha, harli khada, teel pani etc. I really found lucky to born in Humla that time.

    I returned Nepka from Changara on 23rd September and stayed Nepka for two more days. The time I spend in Nepka was memorable.  I still remember those days gossiping with Aama and helping her in collecting paddy. It was more than a research. I really got good response from school and from the community.  Lastly, I really felt better and happy to visit Nepka. I collect lots of memories and knowledge from Nepka. My journey remain wonderful and I returned to my village on 25 th September as a thought to visit Nepka again.

  • People are unknown about climate change.
  • There is lack of awareness and knowledge about climate change in Nepka.
  • No any local as well as National climate bodies are active.
  • Many natural calamities have occurred.
  • Nepka is most vulnerable village of humla.


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