Largest Renewable Projects in the world

Renewable energy is any energy source that is naturally replenished on a human timescale, such as sunlight, wind, geothermal and hydroelectric actions, waves, tides etc. With the increase in human population, the demand of energy is also ever growing. And to meet this ever growing demands and due to concerns about climate change and global warming issues, the world has been inclining towards renewable sources of energy to meet their daily demands.

Some of the largest renewable energy projects in the world are:

  • World’s largest Solar PV Plant: The Topaz Solar farms of California is composed of 9 million solar panels producing 550 MW of electricity.
  • World’s Largest Biomass Plant: Dry Biomass fired power plant of Pietarsaari, Finland is known as the largest biomass plant in the world which produces 550 MW of heat, 240 MW of electricity and 160 MW of steam.
  • World’s Largest Wave Power Plant: The world’s first and biggest wave plant is the 2.25 MW plant situated in Portugal.
  • World’s Largest Wind Farm: The Gansu Wind Farm in China is the largest wind farm with a capacity of 6,000 MW currently. It has end goal of 20,000 MW by 2020.
  • World’s Largest Landfill Gas Capture Plant: It is located in California and produces and average of 50 MW a year of electricity.
  • World’s Largest Hydroelectric Dam: Three Gorges Dam located on the Yangtze River in China produces 22,500 MW of electricity.