Climatefinal logo change is a global challenge with a lot of local consequences. Global Power Shift (GPS) began with an international summit of youth climate leaders held in Istanbul, Turkey, June 24- 30, 2013. This summit was organized by the US-based environmental organization 350.org, an organization well-known for its environmental activism led by Bill McKibbens. Global Power Shift (GPS) Nepal is formed in this spirit by Nepali participants at the Istanbul summit to have a similar action-focused summit geared towards youth in Nepal and implemented by Tourism Development Endeavors Organisation. What we find in Nepal is that there is a growing awareness on climate change issues but unfortunately limited concrete actions with impactful results. I am a Power shifter is a campaign launched by Global Power Shift (GPS) Nepal to challenge this status quo with the aim to raise the bar on climate action and inspire young people to not just talk about climate change but act concretely on it. This project is mainly focused in participation of youths around the country (Nepal) and development of 10 main ideas for the action against the current status environmental condition inside the country.
• Provide a transformational experience and network to power shifters from a diverse  range of background
• Inspire larger community through experiences of the power shifters using new media and public sharing and action.
• Initiate local power shift actions.