350 Madison–Wide

350 Madison thinks globally, acts locally: Group demands more of lawmakers, Madison Magazine, 11/21/19

Following through on the climate strike in Madison and Wisconsin, Tone Madison, 10/29/19

Global climate strike calls for change: Thousands march to call for climate attitude reform and change, Exponent (University of Wisconsin-Platteville), 9/27/19

Global Climate Strike: Groups band together to demand change, Daily Cardinal, 9/26/19

Climate Strike Draws Hundreds to Downtown Madison, Madison Commons, 9/24/19

Madison joins Global Climate Strike with MGE rally, march to Capitol, Badger Herald, 9/22/19

Youth-led protest calls on Gov. Tony Evers, MGE to take action on climate change, Madison.com, 9/21/19

Lead with hope, but panic, Isthmus, 9/20/19

Photos: Madison climate change rallies, Wisconsin State Journal, 9/20/19

Wisconsin Youth Strike Against Climate Change, Wisconsin Public Radio, 9/20/19

Madison climate strike: Hundreds join world in global march, Daily Cardinal, 9/20/19

Retirees, grandparents, ‘gray hairs’ join Madison climate strike at Capitol, Cap Times, 9/20/19

Protesters from Madison take part in global climate strike, WMTV, 9/20/19

The Global Climate Strike And Youth Organizing With YCAT, WORT 89.9 FM, 9/19/19

Climate strike Friday includes rally outside MG&E, march to Capitol, Cap Times, 9/19/19

Friday: A Day Of Climate Change Protests!, WORT 89.9 FM, 9/18/19

Running out of time: Wisconsin’s youth are leading activism against climate change, Isthmus, 9/12/19

Madison Students Plan to Join International Climate Strike, WORT FM, 3/12/19

Madison students prep for Youth Climate Strike on Friday, Cap Times, 3/11/19

Local students lead on climate change action, Isthmus, 3/8/19

Evers nominates utility lawyer to PSC, Isthmus, 2/28/19

Combatting consumerism vital in protecting, nurturing our planet, Badger Herald, 11/30/17 [Patagonia recommends 350 Madison as one of four local environmental groups worthy of support]

Janette Rosenbaum: You don’t have to be a saint to be an environmental activist, Capital Times, 9/21/17

Union leader discusses organized labor’s role in preventing climate change, Badger Herald, 9/11/17

Harry Davis: We must convert to renewable energy, Wisconsin Rapids Tribune, 8/7/17

Harry Davis: We Need to Wean Ourselves from Fossil Fuel Dependency, Adams-Friendship Times-Reporter, 6/14/17 [print only]

Susan Amber Johnson: Madison’s May 5 divestment march continues climate advocacy, Capital Times, 5/3/17

Maury Smith: Join the Madison Climate March on April 22! WORT Insurgent Radio Kiosk, 4/19/17

Tar Sands

Enbridge Won’t Condemn Private Property For Pipeline Reroute In Northern Wisconsin, Wisconsin Public Radio, 8/11/20

Enbridge withdraws condemnation request for Line 5 reroute, Wisconsin State Journal, 8/10/20

Emily Park: Wisconsin DNR must deny Enbridge permit, Madison.com, 7/15/20

Environmental Groups Argue Details Are Missing On Proposed Wisconsin Pipeline Relocation, Wisconsin Public Radio, 7/14/20

Scott Spoolman: Oppose proposed Enbridge extension of Line 5, Cap Times, 7/7/20

‘It could rise to the level of Standing Rock’: Wisconsinites push back against oil pipeline reroute, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 7/2/20

Northern Wisconsin oil pipeline reroute panned in public hearing; opponents say risk to water, climate too great, Wisconsin State Journal, 7/2/20

‘We Are On The Brink Of Disaster’: Public Testifies On Proposed Pipeline Reroute: Public Provides Input On Project’s Impact To Pristine Water Resources, Wisconsin Public Radio, 7/1/20

Proposed pipeline move brings large response in DNR hearing, WAOW.com, 7/1/20

Regulators give Enbridge Energy more time to negotiate land rights for Line 5 reroute, Wisconsin State Journal, 6/25/20

Virtual meeting to discuss Enbridge Line 5 reroute, Wisconsin Examiner, 6/9/20

DNR to hold virtual hearing on Enbridge plans for oil pipeline through northern Wisconsin, Wisconsin State Journal, 6/8/20

Online public hearing for Enbridge Line 5 reroute set for July 1, Duluth News Tribune, 6/8/20

Environmental advocates, landowners seek to stop Enbridge taking land for northern Wisconsin pipeline, Wisconsin State Journal, 5/21/20

Phyllis Hasbrouck: PSC appointment shows promise for Wisconsin’s energy future, Cap Times, 3/18/20

Enbridge begins permitting for proposed pipeline reroute, The Daily News, 2/8/20

Enbridge Begins Permitting For Proposed Oil Pipeline Reroute In Northern Wisconsin, Wisconsin Public Radio, 2/7/20

Wisconsin’s Democratic Governor Signs Anti-Protest Bill into Law, The Progressive, 11/26/19

Wisconsin Governor Evers Signs ALEC-Inspired Bill to Criminalize Protest, PR Watch, 11/22/19

Al Gedicks: Evers should veto felony trespass bill, Cap Times, 11/14/19

Wisconsin Tribe Asks Evers To Veto Felony Protest Bill, WORT FM, 11/14/19

Money changes everything: Climate activists briefly shut down Chase branch over tar sands support, Isthmus, 11/14/19

This pipeline cuts across a reservation. Wisconsin might make tribal members felons for protesting it. Grist, 11/13/19

Pipeline protest bill now goes to Evers, Wisconsin Examiner, 11/6/19

John Nichols: It’s just wrong to help corporations penalize dissent, Cap Times, 10/27/19

Supporters of pipeline trespassing bill say it protects lawful protest, despite concerns by environmental groups, Wisconsin State Journal, 10/23/19

Bill would ban protests at pipeline sites, WSAU, 10/23/19

Pipeline protest bill opponents hope for veto, Wisconsin Examiner, 10/23/19

Organizers Speak Against Felony Trespass Bill, WORT 89.9 FM, 10/22/19

Senate Committee Taking Up Bill To Create Strict Penalties On Trespassing To Damage Pipelines, Wisconsin Public Radio, 10/22/19

Eric Hansen: Wisconsin lawmakers should oppose trespassing bill, Cap Times, 10/17/19

Phyllis Hasbrouck: Lawmakers should oppose the ‘felony trespass bill,’ Cap Times, 10/14/19

Making shit up: The conservative majority on the Wisconsin Supreme Court are the true activist judges [on the Supreme Court decision in Enbridge v. Dane Co.], Isthmus, 8/15/19

Safety Questions Raised After Kentucky Explosion On Enbridge-Owned Pipeline: Mayor Wants To Know If Something Similar Could Happen In Superior, Wisconsin Public Radio, 8/2/19

The Wisconsin Supreme Court’s Decision On Enbridge, Plus Tribal Concerns Over Aging Pipelines, Wisconsin Public Radio, 7/8/19

Wisconsin Supreme Court backs Enbridge in Dane County case, Duluth News Tribune, 7/1/19

Wisconsin Supreme Court backs Enbridge in Dane County case, Sun Prairie Star, 6/30/19

Wisconsin Supreme Court Sides with Enbridge, WMC, Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, 6/28/19

Wisconsin Supreme Court Backs Enbridge in Dane County Case, Claims Journal, 6/28/19

Enbridge wins Wisconsin Supreme Court battle over oil pipeline insurance, Wisconsin State Journal, 6/28/19

Wisconsin Supreme Court backs Enbridge in Dane County case, Seattle Times, 6/27/19

Wisconsin Supreme Court Backs Enbridge In Dane County Case, Wisconsin Public Radio, 6/27/19

Wisconsin Supreme Court Backs Enbridge in Dane County Case, Star Tribune, 6/27/19

Michigan AG sues to shut down oil pipeline in Great Lakes on same day Enbridge scores victory in Wisconsin, Journal Sentinel, 6/27/19

David J Dybdahl: Enbridge could resolve insurance dispute with a simple step, Cap Times, 4/11/19

Wisconsin Supreme Court to hear oral argument in Enbridge appeal, Waterloo/Marshall Courier, 3/28/19

Wisconsin Supreme Court Takes Up Crude Oil Pipeline Debate, Milwaukee Public Radio, 3/27/19

Wisconsin Supreme Court hears arguments in Enbridge pipeline expansion case; justices question county process, La Crosse Tribune, 3/27/19

Wisconsin Supreme Court hears arguments in Enbridge pipeline expansion case; justices question county process, Wisconsin State Journal, 3/26/19

Enbridge, Dane County Argue Their Case Before State’s High Court, Wisconsin Public Radio, 3/26/19

Wisconsin Supreme Court Hears Dispute Over Enbridge Insurance, Wisconsin Public Radio, 3/26/19

Wisconsin Supreme Court hears dispute over Enbridge insurance, Duluth News Tribune, 3/26/19

Phyllis Hasbrouck: State Supreme Court should protect the people, not Enbridge, Cap Times, 3/24/19

Emily Park: Enbridge should be required to carry extra liability insurance, Cap Times, 3/22/19

Enbridge v. Dane County: Supreme Court will begin hearing arguments over pipeline next week, Isthmus, 3/21/19

Matt Rothschild: It should be ‘case closed’ for Enbridge at state’s high court, Cap Times, 3/19/19

It’s time for state to reform eminent domain rules, Portage Daily Register, 12/26/18

Columbia County Board favors eminent domain reform, Portage Daily Register, 12/19/18

Letter: Oil companies should not have eminent domain, Portage Daily Register, 12/14/18

Fate Of Enbridge Pipelines May Send More Oil Through Wisconsin, Wisconsin Public Radio, 12/13/18

Columbia County to consider eminent domain reform, Portage Daily Register, 11/5/18

Boone County residents gear up to fight possible second Enbridge pipeline, Rockford Register Star, 11/1/18

Letter: Plan to expand petroleum pipeline is concerning, Rockford Register Star, 10/17/18

Janette Rosenbaum: State high court review of Enbridge case smacks of politics, The Cap Times, 9/21/18

Pipeline company fighting against insurance requirement in Supreme Court, The Waterloo/Marshall Courier, 9/20/18

Dane County v. Enbridge goes to the Wisconsin Supreme Court [Interview with 350 Madison’s Peter Anderson], WORT 89.9FM, 9/17/18

Wisconsin Supreme Court Will Review Case Between Enbridge, Dane County, Wisconsin Public Radio, 9/14/18

Dane County pipeline case moves to Supreme Court, The Cap Times, 9/13/18

Wisconsin Supreme Court grants review in ‘Enbridge v. Dane County,’ Wisconsin Gazette, 9/13/18

Lobbyists, lawmakers thwart home rule — Matt Rothschild, Wisconsin State Journal, 9/9/18

Minnesota Department Of Commerce says Enbridge insurance coverage Is lacking, Superior Telegram, 9/7/18

Minnesota Department Of Commerce Says Enbridge Insurance Coverage Is Lacking, Business North, 9/5/18

Commerce: Enbridge’s liability insurance won’t cover oil spill, Duluth News Tribune, 9/5/18

US officials say Enbridge lacked insurance for proposed pipeline, Insurance Business Canada, 9/5/18

Minnesota Department Of Commerce Says Enbridge Insurance Coverage Is Lacking, Wisconsin Public Radio, 9/4/18

Minnesota says Enbridge lacks insurance coverage for pipeline that will end in Superior, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9/4/18

Sens. Mark Miller and Fred Risser: High court shouldn’t bail out Enbridge, Wisconsin State Journal, 9/1/18

Clark County becomes 5th County to call for eminent domain reform, WiSE Alliance blog post, 8/20/18

Petition calls for comprehensive environmental review before likely new pipeline across St. Croix headwaters, St. Croix 360, 7/19/18

Oil company asks state Supreme Court to review pipeline permit case, Sun Prairie Star, 7/10/18

Minnesota PUC greenlights more oil into Superior, putting Wisconsin at risk of another pipeline, Wisconsin Gazette, 6/29/18

Enbridge Pipeline Opponents Vow To Stop Line 3 Replacement At Wisconsin-Minnesota Border, Wisconsin Public Radio, 6/29/18

Letter to the Editor: Pipeline easement terms protection needed for landowners, Hub-City Times, 6/6/18

Appeals court hits Enbridge in Dane County case, Cap Times, 5/25/18

State Appeals Court Sends Enbridge Pipeline Expansion Back To Dane County, Wisconsin Public Radio, 5/25/18

Appeals court sends Enbridge insurance dispute back to Dane County over massive pipeline project, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 5/24/18

State appeals court sends Enbridge pipeline permit back to county committee over insurance issue, Wisconsin State Journal, 5/24/18

350 Madison: Court of Appeals decision rebukes Enbridge’s bullying, Wisconsin Gazette, 5/24/18

Pipeline Win Reported by Dane County Activists, The Political Environment, 5/24/18

Other Views: New pipeline would threaten downtown progress, Gazette Xtra, 5/15/18

Mary Beth Elliott: Judge’s decision vindicates Dane County’s tar sands actions, Capital Times, 4/28/18

Michelle Arnold: Permit process change an attack on local control, Portage Daily Register, 4/16/18

Zoning committee delays vote on cession of authority to state, Portage Daily Register, 4/4/18

Rock County landowners seek eminent domain reform, Gazette Xtra, 3/6/18

Explained: Enbridge pipeline case headed for appellate decision, Capital Times, 2/20/18

State Supreme Court hearing Enbridge lawsuit appeal, Daily Jefferson County Union, 1/24/18

Arguments to be heard in Enbridge appeal case, DeForest Times-Tribune, 1/23/18

Charles Biddle: Lawmakers need to end private eminent domain, Portage Daily Register, 12/26/17

Nebraska Keystone XL decision could have Wisconsin impacts, Wisconsin Radio Network, 11/21/17

Keystone oil spill renews concerns in Wisconsin, WKOW.com, 11/17/17

Ed Jeannette: Residents deserve protection from eminent domain abuse, GazetteXtra, 10/26/17

People Over Pipelines coalition prepares for potential pipeline, WSAW-TV (Wausau), 10/27/17

William Backes: Come to tar sands resistance meeting Oct. 27, Capital Times, 10/19/17

‘People Over Pipelines’ October event opposes Enbridge pipelines in Wisconsin, Wisconsin Gazette, 10/18/17

Advocacy meeting held to discuss Enbridge pipelines, WEAU News, 9/26/17

Harry E. Bennett: Walker gives pipeline eminent domain, but nixes it for sidewalks, Capital Times, 9/28/17

Letter to the editor: Reader calls for Clark County Board to address eminent domain [Susan Nelson Venzke], Hub-City Times, 9/24/17 [also published in Clark County Press, 9/20/17, and Tribune Record Gleaner, 9/20/17]

Minnesota agency says Enbridge fails to show new pipeline need: Wisconsin environmental activists cheered the development, which could impact Enbridge’s tar sands expansion in the state, Wisconsin Gazette, 9/22/17

Clark County Board Must Stand Up for Property Rights, Clark County Press, 9/20/17

Native view: Water protectors have little choice but civil disobedience [discussing Enbridge expansion in WI], Duluth News Tribune, 9/16/17

Abby Ross: Join us Sept. 28 to oppose Enbridge Pipeline expansion, Capital Times, 9/17/17

Minnesota Department of Commerce finds no need for Line 3 replacement, Superior Telegram, 9/13/17

Minnesota Department Of Commerce Finds No Need For Line 3 Replacement, Wisconsin Public Radio, 9/12/17

Lawmakers Must Reform Eminent Domain Laws, Clark County Press, 9/6/17

County Passes Resolution to Protect Residents From Eminent Domain, Wisconsin Rapids City Times, 8/15/17

Wood County Passes Resolution to Keep Oil Company from Seizing Land, Wisconsin Public Radio, 8/15/17

Wood County Residents Voice Pipeline Concerns, WAOW.com, 8/15/17

Residents in Wood County Fight for Property Rights Amid Pipeline Concern, WZAW, 8/15/17

Wood County Board Backs Resolution in Blow to Potential New Enbridge Pipeline, Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune, 8/15/17

Wood Co. Residents Voice Pipeline Concerns, WQOW.com, 8/15/17

Riding the Line: Enbridge and the horse nation, The Circle: Native American News and Arts, 8/8/17

Riding to Raise Environmental Awareness, Star News Online, 7/13/17

Fifth annual Love Water Not Oil Horse Ride kicks off in Madison, WKOW.com, 7/9/17

Parade on the Pipeline near Rio reminds residents of oil risks, Portage Daily Register, 6/25/17

Group marches through Janesville to protest environmental risks from pipelines, Gazette Xtra, 6/25/17

Nick Berigan: Fight for planet is right here at home, Wisconsin State Journal, 6/10/17

Property rights and Enbridge: A pipeline story, Stanford Daily, 6/1/17

Pipeline opponents address state lawmakers, Waterloo/Marshall Courier, 5/11/17

Enbridge says it has no plans for a new Wisconsin pipeline, Wisconsin Gazette, 4/28/17

Science and climate marches draw thousands in Madison, Wisconsin State Journal, 4/24/17

Madison Climate March in Celebration of Earth Day, Madison.com, 4/22/17

Why you should join the Climate March on Saturday, Badger Herald, 4/20/17

Scientific method: Academics, environmentalists converge for dual demonstrations, Isthmus, 4/20/17

Enbridge pipeline work in county all but finished, Portage Daily Register, 4/19/17

Stephen Moon: March with us on Earth Day to encourage renewable energy, Capital Times, 4/19/17

Susan Amber Johnson: Don’t miss Madison’s Climate March on Earth Day, April 22, Capital Times, 4/19/17

Katie Sabalones: Join me at the climate march April 22, Capital Times, 4/15/17

Join Earth Day march for the climate — Susan Shedivy, Wisconsin State Journal, 4/11/17

Wisconsin residents wary of corporate pipeline’s promises to not expand, Daily Cardinal, 3/27/17

Wisconsin Youth Alliance Marches Against Enbridge Pipeline, The Pointer (University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point), 3/10/17

 Letter: Enbridge playing games with the residents of Wisconsin [Hannah Nowakowski], Channel3000.com, 3/8/17

Over 200 protest area oil pipeline, Daily Jefferson County Union, 3/6/17

Wisconsin Youth Network holds protest march against proposed pipeline expansion, WKOW.com, 3/4/17

Protesters march against possible Wisconsin pipeline, Channel3000.com, 3/4/17

Whitewater protesters oppose oil pipeline proposal, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 3/4/17

Protest Planned Against Pipeline, Beloit Daily News, 3/4/17

UW-Whitewater students and activists protest possible pipeline, Gazette Xtra, 3/4/17

Wisconsin Youth Network to hold March Against Pipeline Expansion, Urban Milwaukee, 2/27/17

Brian Wagenaar: Oppose new tar sands pipelines March 4 in Whitewater, Capital Times, 2/27/17

Protest march against pipeline expansion slated, Walworth County Today, 2/27/17

Your Views: Oppose a Rock County tar-sands superhighway [Ed Jeannete], Gazette Xtra, 2/20/17

Your Views: Proposed pipeline poses major risk to Rock County [Susan Amber Johnson], Gazette Xtra, 2/10/17

Group Wants to Stop Enbridge Eminent Domain Efforts, WXPR.org, 2/3/17

“80 Feet Is Enough!” Reveals Billboard, WSAU.com, 2/2/17

Group protests eminent domain in Mosinee, WAOW.com, 2/2/17

Pipeline foes plan weekend ‘extravaganza,’ Portage Daily Register, 2/1/17

Ben Peterson: Get involved to help stop Enbridge’s new pipeline, Capital Times, 1/31/17

Protect Wisconsin [letter to the editorMichelle Arnold], Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 1/30/17

Judy Skog: Attend Feb. 4 event to help stop Enbridge pipeline in Dane County, Capital Times, 1/27/17

Paul Ryan exaggerates pipeline job creation (letter to the editor), Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune, 1/26/17

Columbia County landowners want state to oppose Enbridge oil pipeline expansion, Madison.com, 1/25/17

Pipeline Fighters’ Benefit Extravaganza w/ Live Music, Food & Silent Auction, Madison.com, 1/25/17

Local landowners want state to oppose oil pipeline expansion, Portage Daily Register, 1/24/17

 Local activists to hold benefit opposing Line 61 pipeline expansion in Wisconsin, Wisconsin Gazette, 1/24/17

Editorial: Just whose side are they on?, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 1/21/17

 Oil and Water. Part One: Path of Least Resistance, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 1/13/17

Odds and ends: Looking for sunshine where we can find it [profile of Mark Borchardt and 80 Feet Is Enough, a landowner organization fighting Enbridge expansion], Portage County Gazette, 12/5/16

Protestors gather in Madison to support North Dakota pipeline protests, WKOW TV, 12/2/16

Enbridge is not a good neighbor, Marshfield News-Herald, 11/25/16

Madison community continues to stand in solidarity with Standing Rock, Badger Herald, 11/16/16

UW students road trip to Standing Rock protest site to feed protestors, Badger Herald, 11/8/16

The Dirty Truth Behind Tar Sand Oil, Milwaukee Courier, 10/15/16

Judge pulls Enbridge spill insurance out of permit, county zoning can’t reconsider, Sun Prairie Star, 10/3/16

Marshfield area couple takes a stand for property rights [on launch of the Wisconsin Easement Action Team], Hub-City Times, 9/29/16

Dane County can’t redo Enbridge pipeline permit, judge rules, Wisconsin State Journal, 9/27/16

Permit Will Stand For Enbridge Pump Station In Waterloo: Dane County, Landowners Challenged Enbridge Over Insurance Requirement, Wisconsin Public Radio, 9/27/16

Madison Art Hopes to Fight Climate Change, WKOW 27 TV, 9/25/16

Landowners seek pipeline information [on launch of Wisconsin Easement Action Team], Waterloo/Marshall Courier, 9/22/16

Mills: Access to clean water is a human right, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9/16/16

Oil pipelines like Enbridge’s can be costly and risky, Portage Daily Register, 9/9/16

Nebraska lawyer to fight state pipeline, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9/9/16

Most activists have cut carbon footprint — Phyllis Hasbrouck, Madison.com, 9/8/16

Stop tar sands extraction; stop pipelines, Minneapolis Star Tribune, 9/2/1

Enbridge pulls plug on pipeline, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9/2/16

Barbara Burczyk: Easing pipeline regulations risks Wisconsinites’ health and property, Capital Times, 8/15/16

Pipeline plan in question, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/5/16

Citizens voice concerns about Enbridge pipeline, Waterloo/Marshall Courier, 7/27/16

Enbridge Pipeline Forum Highlights Many Concerns, Lake Mills Leader, 7/27/16

Al Gedicks: Acid train blockade anniversary holds lessons for today’s activists, Capital Times, 7/23/16

Brave Wisconsin meeting on Enbridge pipeline well attended, Watertown Daily Times, 7/15/16

Battle over Enbridge oil pipeline insurance continues, DeForest Times-Tribune, 7/14/16

Battle over Enbridge oil pipeline insurance continues, Jefferson County Daily Union, 7/13/16

Nancy Stencil: Beware the pipeline expansion, Wausau Daily Herald, 7/12/16

Dane County and Enbridge battle it out in the courtroom, WKOW.com, 7/11/16

[Conversation with Brave Wisconsin’s Ronni Monroe about Enbridge] (starts at 15:43), Devil’s Advocates Radio Network, 7/11/16

Judge says county can’t require Enbridge to carry spill insurance — but there’s a twist, Wisconsin State Journal, 7/11/16

Mary Beth Elliott: Enbridge’s pipeline plans are all risk, no reward for Wisconsin, Capital Times, 7/7/16

Enbridge Stuffs Provision into Wisconsin Budget to Expedite Controversial Piece of “Keystone XL Clone,” Huffington Post, 7/6/16

Enbridge surveys for possible new oil pipeline through Columbia County, Portage Daily Register, 6/29/16

Eric Hansen: Sand oil pipelines threaten Wisconsin, Cap Times, 6/24/16

Sand oil pipelines threaten Wisconsin, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/18/16

Movie review: ‘This Changes Everything’ hopes to flip script on climate change, Capital Times, 5/25/16

No more business as usual: “This Changes Everything” documents the work of climate change activists, Isthmus, 5/19/16

Mark Haag: To protect environment, join Blockadia in Wisconsin, Cap Times, 5/18/16

Marilee Sushoreba: See ‘This Changes Everything’ film Wednesday, May 25, Cap Times, 5/16/16

Mixing oil and water: Pipeline flow increases under St. Croix River and its tributaries, Star Tribune, 5/2/16

Talk on Enbridge pipelines April 24, Marshfield News-Herald, 4/18/16

Enbridge court cases move toward July court decision, Sun Prairie Star, 4/15/16

Potential oil pipeline expansion, WSAW-TV, 4/13/16

8:00 Buzz: Interview with 350 Madison’s Mary Beth Elliott About Jane Kleeb’s Talk in Madison (interview begins at 34:50), WORT FM, 4/13/16

Potential oil pipeline expansion, WSAW TV, 4/13/16

Judge To Take Up Lawsuits From Enbridge, Landowners Regarding Pipeline Expansion: Landowners Want Company To Carry Special Insurance, Wisconsin Public Radio, 4/12/16

Enbridge pipeline should not expand into Wisconsin: Piping responsible for 800 spills, touts ‘dirtiest oil on the planet’ (Adeline Wells), Badger Herald, 4/11/16

National pipeline activist to speak in Madison, Waterloo / Marshall Courier, 4/7/16

Groups build ‘Line 66’ opposition, Sun Prairie Star, 4/5/16

Wisconsin Democrats concerned about Enbridge pipeline, but it hasn’t been an issue in primary, Cap Times, 4/2/16

A Public Affair: Interview with 350 Madison’s Mary Beth Elliott and Kermit Hovey About Enbridge, Tar Sands, and Climate Change (interview begins at 6:17), WORT FM, 3/21/16

Introducing the Keystone Pipeline’s Bigger, Uglier Older Brother: Get ready, Wisconsin, Esquire, 3/18/16

Enbridge pipeline studies provoke debate in Superior, Wis, Bemidji Pioneer, 3/11/16

Enbridge Pipeline Expansion Study Draws Mixed Response At Public Hearings

Residents Weighed In At DNR Meetings In Superior, Wisconsin Public Radio, 3/11/16

Wisconsin DNR to host hearings on proposed Enbridge pipeline projects, Duluth News Tribune, 3/8/16

DNR To Host Public Hearings On Enbridge Pipeline Expansion In Superior: Enbridge Energy Wants To Expanded Oil Pipeline From North Dakota To Superior, Wisconsin Public Radio, 3/7/16

Enbridge pipeline plan in northern Wisconsin prompts concerns, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 3/6/16

Panel Discusses Possible Oil Pipeline Expansion, Local Impact, Hub City Times, 3/4/16

Dane County landowners sue Enbridge, Cambridge News, 2/22/16

Wisconsin Landowners Sue Enbridge over Spill Insurance, WDIO.com, 2/10/16

Landowners Sue Enbridge Energy Over Dane County Pipeline Project: Lawsuit Is Trying To Get Company To Buy Special Insurance, Wisconsin Public Radio, 2/10/16

Join us in protesting Enbridge oil pipeline — Zach Jones, StevensPointJournal.com, 2/10/16

Wisconsin landowners sue Enbridge over spill insurance, Pantagraph, 2/9/16

Wisconsin landowners sue Enbridge over spill insurance, NBC15.com, 2/9/16

Wisconsin landowners sue Enbridge over spill insurance, Miami Herald, 2/9/16

Wisconsin landowners sue Enbridge over spill insurance, The Washington Times, 2/9/16

Landowners sue Enbridge over pipeline pump insurance, Wisconsin State Journal, 2/9/16

Dane County landowners sue over pipeline project, Wisconsin Gazette, 2/9/16

Land owners file suit against Enbridge, Sun Prairie Star, 2/8/16

The Other Keystone: The Alberta Clipper, the Pipeline No One Is Talking About, In These Times, 1/14/16 (discusses Enbridge’s entire Midwest network of pipelines, including Line 61 and planned Line 66 running through WI, as well as Dane County’s precedent-setting stand)

Enbridge heads to court over insurance requirement, Sun Prairie Star, 1/8/16

Pipeline insurance spews out lawsuit, Insurance Business Magazine, 1/6/16

How hard will Enbridge push for twin pipeline? Country Messenger, 1/5/16

Line 61 carries oil that could sink if spilled in St. Croix headwaters, Country Messenger, 1/5/16

Pipeline company sues county over moot insurance requirement, Wisconsin State Journal, 1/5/16

Oil & Water: Line 61 Pipeline Carries Oil That Could Sink if Spilled in the St. Croix Headwaters, St. Croix 360, 12/31/15

A Snapshot of 2015’s Environmental Issues in Wisconsin, Milwaukee Public Radio, 12/29/15 (350 Madison’s Carl Whiting interviewed about Enbridge’s expansion of Line 61 at beginning of spot)

County’s toothless insurance requirement is minor risk in Enbridge’s business, Wisconsin State Journal, 12/26/15

Catching Up: Disputed Enbridge permit language, Wisconsin State Journal, 12/21/15

Year in Review: Mixed year for environment, Wisconsin Gazette, 12/17/15

Environmental Rally Looks at Local, National Work to Be Done, Madison Commons, 12/16/15

Enbridge Gifts Pickup to Fire Department as Possible Pipeline Expansion Looms, Hub City Times, 12/16/15

Enbridge appeal denied by county board, Sun Prairie Star, 12/9/15

A Public Affair: Interview with 350 Madison’s Peter Anderson and Ben Peterson About the Climate Action, the Paris Talks, and the Fight Against Enbridge in Wisconsin (interview begins at 6:16), WORT FM, 12/7/15

Environmental group continues challenge of Dane County pipeline pumping station, Wisconsin Gazette, 12/4/15

Landowners, Environmental Group Continue Challenge of Dane County Pipeline Pumping Station Conditional Use Permit, Progressive Dane Blog, 12/3/15

Wisconsin’s largest oil pipeline system may see major expansion, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 11/28/15

After Keystone win, opponents turn fight to other planned pipelines, Al Jazeera America, 11/9/15

Enbridge mapping possible ‘twin’ of major tar sands line through Wisconsin: Talk of 2nd line through state, Wisconsin State Journal, 11/8/15

Expansion of eminent domain hits home, Daily Cardinal, October 26, 2015

Enbridge cites state law in asking Dane County to remove insurance reference in permit, Wisconsin State Journal, 10/20/15

Enbridge announces plan to ‘twin’ Line 61, Country Messenger, 10/20/15

Enbridge moves forward on twin pipeline plan, The Courier, 10/16/15

Oil & Water: A New Pipeline Is In The Works Across The St. Croix River’s Headwaters, St. Croix 360, 10/15/15

Enbridge Moves Ahead With Twin Oil Pipeline Plans: Project Would Follow Existing Line 61 Route South From Superior, Wisconsin Public Radio, 10/8/15

Is Enbridge fight over?, Sun Prairie Star, 9/14/15

Dane County gives up on requiring oil spill cleanup fund, Wisconsin Gazette, 9/11/15

Dane County Drops Effort To Have Enbridge Insure Against Oil Spills, Wisconsin Public Radio, 9/9/15

Dane County drops effort to insure for oil spill cleanup, Madison.com, 9/9/15

Dane County challenges spill-prone oil company, Wisconsin Gazette, 8/27/15

Dane County deserves insurance policy from Enbridge — Susan O’Leary, Wisconsin State Journal, 8/23/15

County should pursue Enbridge trust fund — Cathy Loeb and David Griffeath, Wisconsin State Journal, 8/20/15

Enbridge claim hard to swallow, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/19/15

350-Madison appeals permit for Enbridge pipeline project, Lodi Enterprise, 8/19/15

350-Madison appeals permit for Enbridge pipeline project, Herald Independent, 8/17/15

Dane County may mull Enbridge oil spill options left open by GOP, Wisconsin State Journal, 8/17/15

Dane County environmentalists file petition over tar sands pipeline permit, Wisconsin Gazette, 8/11/15

Enbridge appeal removed from agenda, Waterloo/Marshall Courier, 7/23/15

Enbridge pipeline puts Dane County in danger (by Dane Co. Supervisors Tim Kiefer and Maureen McCarville), DeForest Times Tribune, 7/23/15

State protects Enbridge, not Wisconsin (by Patrick Miles, chair of the Dane Co. Zoning & Land Regulation Committee), The Herald Independent, 7/23/15

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Enbridge expansion not a done deal, opponents say, The Waterloo/Marshall Courier, 7/15/15

Activists Protest Handouts to Oil Companies, View on the Ground, 7/13/15

Enbridge won’t be required to have additional insurance under state budget amendment, Cambridge News & the Independent, 7/10/15

Documents Show Energy Firm Helped Craft Changes To State’s Eminent Domain Law, Wisconsin Public Radio, 7/9/15

GOP essentially gives Enbridge the right to put oil pipelines anywhere in the state — without the property owner’s permission, Wisconsin Gazette, 7/9/15

Pipeline threatens Dane County health and safety — Dr. Michele Brogunier, Wisconsin State Journal, 7/9/15

Protestors express concerns about Canadian pipeline, Channel 3000, 7/8/15

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State budget provision exempts Enbridge from Dane County insurance requirement, Wisconsin State Journal, 7/3/15

Dane County Board to hear Enbridge pipeline appeal July 16, Wisconsin State Journal, 6/20/15

Madison Represents at 6/6 St. Paul March Against Enbridge Pipeline, by Janette Rosenbaum, Progressive Dane Blog, 6/18/15

County Board to Consider Enbridge Pipeline, by Mary Beth Elliott, Progressive Dane Blog, 6/2/15

Enbridge oil pipeline sparks fiery debate on Capitol City Sunday [debate between 350 Madison’s Peter Anderson and Enbridge’s Mark Maki], WKOW.com, 6/1/15

Wisconsin Dane County Zoning Board Demands Spill Insurance for Proposed Tar Sands Pipeline, Between the Lines, 5/27/15

Pipeline resistance thwarts Enbridge in Wisconsin, Duluth News Tribune, 5/18/15

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Getting Media to Take Climate Threats Seriously? There’s a Snowball’s Chance, FAIR: Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting, 3/6/15 (discussing Enbridge Line 61)

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The Keystone-style pipeline you probably didn’t know about, Inhabitat, 2/24/15

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Dane County stalls oil pipeline expansion, Daily Cardinal, 2/3/15

Editorial: Dig deeper into Enbridge pipeline with impact statement, Akken.com, 2/2/15(reprinting 1/30/15 editorial from GazetteXtra)

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Pipelines enable more tar sands mining—Don Ferber, Wisconsin State Journal, 12/30/14

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Pipeline forum attracts crowd, Daily Union, 11/7/14 (public forum at UW-Whitewater on Enbridge Line 61, potential spills, and the relation to global climate change)

Hundreds turn out for public forum on oil pipeline expansion, WKOW 27, 11/6/14 (public forum at UW-Whitewater on Enbridge Line 61, potential spills, and the relation to global climate change)

Oil & Water: Pipeline To Triple Flows Under St. Croix Headwaters: Meet the biggest oil pipeline you’ve never heard of, St. Croix 360, 10/12/14

Wisconsin environmentalists working to stop Enbridge pipeline expansion, Cap Times, 7/10/14

Enbridge’s Canadian tar sands oil pipeline through Wisconsin to be bigger than Keystone XL, Owen-Withee Community News, 6/10/14

Divest & Defund

UW Divestment Now! WORT-89.9 FM, Madison Wisconsin Insurgent Radio Kiosk radio program, November 27, 2015

Activists Call On UW-Madison To Divest From Fossil Fuel Companies, Capital Times, November 20, 2015

Students and Community Members Urge Chancellor to Reconsider Investments, The Daily Cardinal, November 19. 2015

UW should divest from fossil fuels — Kevin Meyers, Wisconsin State Journal, October 24, 2015

Letter to the editor: UW Foundation needs to divest from fossil fuels now, Badger Herald, 10/14/15

Global Divestment Day in Madison: Love, Resist Divest… Party!, Daily Kos, 2/16/15

Interview with 350 Madison’s Julia Isaacs About the Multi-School Fossil Free Divestment Fund, WORT 89.9 FM Community Radio, 2/11/15

Community Climate Solutions

Tar Sands

The Tar Sands Campaign mobilizes people to oppose new oil pipelines in WI. Our current goal is to block Enbridge’s rerouting of Line 5 in the Lake Superior watershed. We support efforts led by those most impacted, including tribes, landowners, and community members.

Divest & Defund

The Divest & Defund Team works to convince institutions that investments in fossil fuels are not only ethically and fiscally irresponsible, but are literally wrecking the planet we call home—all for profit. We are currently focusing on banks that fund pipeline projects.

Climate Solutions

Community Climate Solutions focuses on making change across Dane County, targeting both systems and individual levels. We assist local governments to achieve climate goals. We broaden and deepen citizen climate crisis awareness and action.

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