Photo: Monika Blazs


Hands Across the Sands is an annual international day of action that was created in response to the BP oil spill. People come together on beaches and riverfronts across the globe to say NO to dirty fuels and YES to clean energy.

We gathered on May 19, 2018, in Janesville, Wisconsin, to celebrate the Rock River and say NO to the Enbridge oil pipelines that threaten its waters. The event was sponsored by 350 Madison, the Wisconsin Safe Energy (WiSE) Alliance, and the Sierra Club.

Standing in solidarity with thousands of others around the world, we joined hands to express our resolve to stop the flow of toxic tar sands through our state.

Monika Blazs, a wonderful professional photographer, documented the event.

Speakers and performers:

  • Aaron Aegerter, member of Rock County WiSE and chair of the Sustainable Janesville Committee, who emceed the event and led us in singing his rousing song “Don’t Risk the Rock!”
  • Susan Johnson, host of “The Rock Runs Through Us” on WADR 103.5 FM Janesville Community Radio
  • Chuck Ogg, member of Rock County Progressives
  • Brandon Pederson, Janesville area poet and thespian
  • Mark Welsh, Native American drummer and singer
  • Phyllis Hasbrouck, with the WiSE Alliance and 350 Madison

You can read Aaron Aegerter’s excellent op-ed on the event here.

Water is life!


Slideshow of Hands Across the Sand — May 19, 2018

The full collection of Hands Across the Sand photos can be found in the Facebook album of the same name.

Tar Sands

The Tar Sands Campaign mobilizes people to oppose new oil pipelines in WI. Our current goal is to block Enbridge’s rerouting of Line 5 in the Lake Superior watershed. We support efforts led by those most impacted, including tribes, landowners, and community members.

Divest & Defund

The Divest & Defund Team works to convince institutions that investments in fossil fuels are not only ethically and fiscally irresponsible, but are literally wrecking the planet we call home—all for profit. We are currently focusing on banks that fund pipeline projects.

Climate Solutions

Community Climate Solutions focuses on making change across Dane County, targeting both systems and individual levels. We assist local governments to achieve climate goals. We broaden and deepen citizen climate crisis awareness and action.

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