This team will be part of designing the program and creating the platform and spaces necessary to support participants into reaching their goals. Get to know them here:

Amira Odeh

Amira Odeh, from Puerto Rico, is a Geographer and MSc in Water Resources. She works for as Organizer for the Fossil Free campaign.  In the past, Amira Odeh organized to reduce plastic pollution, having her college campus become the first in Latin America and the Caribbean to do so. She also trains people in Puerto Rico and Chile to help them grow as new leaders in their own communities.  Amira is currently focusing on leading a reforestation project that is dedicated to the sustainable rebuilding of the country after hurricane Maria. She has been involved in the representation of Puerto Rico at UN climate events and in local fights to protect natural reserves.


Deborah Rosenstein

Deborah Rosenstein is 350’s U.S. Trainings Coordinator; she works to strengthen the grassroots climate movement by designing and facilitating a range of capacity building programs. She has over two decades of experience organizing at the intersections of social justice education, community-based performance and labor/environmental coalition building. Prior to joining 350, she worked for many years as a union member and labor educator. Deborah especially enjoys bringing people together across lines of difference and creating space for peer-learning and reflection within organizations. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Justice and a master’s degree in Labor Studies. Inspired by the Jewish Labor Bund’s concept of doikayt (yiddish for “hereness”), Deborah spends some of her time outside of work connecting with indigenous solidarity efforts in the U.S. and in Palestine. Check out her photography at




Kaja Rebane

Kaja works to support local groups as’s US Field Organizer. Prior to this she helped establish and run an array of grassroots organizations; in addition to her work on climate change, she has been very involved with organized labor, the effort to get money out of politics, and public education advocacy. She is also a visual artist, and has expertise in economics and science communication. Kaja grew up in Las Vegas, NV and is currently based in Milwaukee, WI.



Masada Disenhouse

Masada leads the Local Network Organizing Team at where she supports local 350 groups around the United States to grow the climate movement and advocate for local, regional and national climate solutions through direct coaching, training, and program development. Masada also co-founded SanDiego350 in 2011 and has a history of political and environmental activism. She is passionate about mobilizing and engaging volunteers to do meaningful, rewarding climate action work and about the intersections of climate change and social justice.



Patrick Reinsborough

Patrick Reinsborough is 350’s U.S. Organizing Manager and works with our U.S. organizing department to grow the scale, diversity and transformative potential of the grassroots climate movement. He is a strategist, organizer and creative provocateur with over 25 years of experience in diverse U.S. social movements fighting for justice, democracy and ecological sanity. He cofounded the Center for Story-based Strategy (formerly smartMeme) in 2002 where he trained thousands of grassroots activists and partnered with hundreds of high-impact organizations to build alliances, reframe issues, and craft winning narratives. He is the co-author of Re:Imagining Change: How to Use Story-based Strategy to Win Campaigns, Build Movements and Change the World (2017 PM Press). Follow him on Twitter at @RadicalWhispers and check out his writing at




Valerie Costa

Valerie Costa is immersed in the world of 350 these days. She’s a member of the Support Team (the staff collective) of 350 Seattle. Valerie joined the organization three years ago, during the epic ShellNo fight, where hundreds of people on land and sea confronted Shell’s arctic drilling operation. She helped to build 350 Seattle into a vibrant and politically powerful organization with a 30 person leadership team, thousands of supporters, and a 300K budget. Valerie loves organizational development, non-hierarchical structures, fundraising strategy, mass mobilizations, and distributed organizing strategy.

Through her consulting business, Valerie also has worked with 350 groups around the country to develop and implement successful fundraising plans. She ran a 10-part fundraising group coaching series local groups through Her work with social justice organizations throughout the country as a consultant and a volunteer has helped Valerie see the importance of people powered movements. Valerie got her start in fundraising while working at Senior Services in Seattle, where she held the position of the Chief Development Officer and was responsible for raising $2.4 million annually. Raising that first 100K for local groups is just as hard — if not harder – than those millions.