Monday, Apr. 12, 2021,   with   Greg Allen

To view the video of his presentation and the Q&A please click here.

Climate scientists tell us we are in for more extreme weather in the future: colder winters and hotter summers. About a quarter of all greenhouse gases come from heating and cooling our homes and workplaces. Simply installing heat pumps everywhere will put too much stress on the electrical grid. We need to renovate older buildings and build new ones in a way that reduces electricity demand and matches available renewable resources. How does a zero-emission building work?


Greg Allen is an award-winning designer, builder, community planner, inventor, researcher, manufacturer, policy adviser, university-level teacher, community activist and environmental consultant based in Toronto. He has been one of the primary proponents and most passionate advocates of sustainable design for over 40 years. Greg Allen has recognized the need to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels since the 1970s and has since been a fearless voice for change. He is a Senior Associate at Rivercourt Engineering in Toronto.

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