Monday, Mar. 29, 2021,  with  Joyce Hostyn

To view the video of her presentation and the Q&A please click here.

We all know that trees draw carbon from the air. We’ve been told that if we plant enough trees, we can reverse our climate emergency. Perhaps, if we use high tech drones, we can plant even faster. But our relationship with the other-than-human world is broken. What if the solution to the climate emergency isn’t planting trees, but instead rewilding our relationship with Earth?


Joyce Hostyn is a rewilder who dreams of city streets lined with fruit and nut trees, wild parks and wild yards. Raised on a farm where her family grew, foraged and preserved enough produce to last the year, Joyce is now exploring what it means to be in conversation with the edible forest garden on her lawn-free quarter acre lot. As a Master Gardener and permaculture designer, she coaches people on foodscaping and wildscaping as a new approach to gardening in a changing climate. She helped design and plant Kingston’s first two public food forests and now has her sights set on afforesting our city with indigenous Little Forests.


Some links Joyce provided in answer to questions;

Yard bylaw post

Sourcing native plants and fruit and nut trees

And Little Forests

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