Mara Shaw’s Presentation occurred Monday 25 January 2021 at 7 PM

To view the video of her presentation and the Q&A please click here.

The agriculture sector is responsible for 12% of Canada’s greenhouse emissions. Most of these emissions result from high-input, high-emissions farming practices that rely heavily on fossil fuels, fertilizers, pesticides, plastics, and other inputs.  How might farming be part of a solution to the climate crisis, rather than a cause? What does it mean to eat sustainably? How do we make sense of all the “greenwashing” around food? Does localism really make a difference?

Mara Shaw is the Executive Director of the National Farmers Union, Canada’s national voice fighting for agroecology, food sovereignty and farmers. Mara holds a Masters of Science in Environmental Engineering Science from CalTech and Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from University of Illinois.  She is the former Executive Director of Loving Spoonful and worked previously as Watershed Management Coordinator at the Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority.

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