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350.orgAfrica calls for urgent climate action in the face of the humanitarian crisis in drought-stricken East Africa  


EAST AFRICA— Time is running out for millions of people living across Horn of Africa as an ongoing drought is impinging on the livelihoods of inhabitants struggling to adapt to precarious climate changes.


“Across the continent 34 million Africans are already facing food insecurity – due to the 2 year long El Nino induced drought of 2014-2016.  The drought will continue to aggravate an agricultural system that is already in distress, negatively affecting crops, and livestock that feed many vulnerable communities”, said Prince Papa 350Africa Sub-Saharan Field Organiser.


In Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya, over 12 million people in each country are in need of food aid. In the coming months, these numbers will increase as the drought worsens in the absence of stable rainfall. The humanitarian costs associated with these climate changes can no longer be ignored by African leaders.


‘Beyond addressing the current humanitarian needs, we call on concerned governments to take urgent, adequate and sustainable actions to halt the crisis. African leaders must halt all new fossil fuel developments and save the region from further climate devastation.  This severe drought is a manifestation of climate change and requires concerted response at the regional and international level through the drastic reduction of emissions and the implementation of climate adaptation measures in the key areas of agriculture, water access and energy.’ added Papa.