March Details 2018

  1. Overview

On September 8, 2018, people from around the KC Metro will come together to conduct a peaceful, family-friendly, and law-abiding march in downtown Overland Park, Kansas–just as hundreds of rallies and marches will be held around the world to demand our local leaders commit to building a Fossil Free world that works for all of us. Here in the KC Metro, we will march on the public sidewalk through Downtown Overland Park to call on Johnson County and all municipalities in the county to commit to building a 100% Clean Energy future and opposing all new fossil fuel infrastructure. We’ll be marching Saturday morning when there will be many people in the area for the Overland Park Farmers Market. People’s Climate Movement KC is a collaborative effort of multiple environmental and justice groups from around the Kansas City area.

  1. Why Johnson County?

We’ve chosen Downtown Overland Park because the Kansas City, MO City Council already passed a resolution committing to pursue 100% clean energy and opposing new fossil fuel infrastructure on July 12th, 2018 (yay!!). Johnson County, as the largest other political power in metro-KC, has a tremendous opportunity to build momentum and climate leadership in our community. JoCo is the next focus of 350KC’s Fossil Free campaign, and residents from Johnson County are leading the charge with a new chapter.

  1. Collaboration

So far 350KC and Sustainable Sanctuary Coalition have been leading the charge on march logistics, but we welcome you to join us at our table. Our next and final march-planning meeting is Tuesday, September 4th, at 6pm at All Souls Universalist Unitarian Church near the Nelson Art Gallery. Please join us in person!!

  1. Promotion

The Facebook event link is here:

If you represent a partner organization (or know would like to become one), you should have received a link from John Fish-Kurmann to be co-sponsors on the event. Please feel free to share the Facebook event widely, too!

We also have a March Partner page here at 350KC, and on the KC Climate Coalition website, where all our partner organizations are listed! This link is included on all our flyers, and we’ll be updating that page as additional partners come on (so that we don’t have to update the flyers each time). It is here:

Finally, we’ll be doing Partner Feature posts on Facebook–on the event page itself, and 350KC, PCMKC, and KC Climate streams, so people involved in the march can learn about partners’ work in the community and connect with efforts throughout the KC area beyond the march.
  1. Parking

Park in the parking lot at 8126 Marty, Overland Park, KS, 66204.There is no building at 8126 but entering that into Google Maps drops a pin on the street right next to the lot. The lot is the one across from the Matt Ross Community Center (but don’t park at the Matt Ross Community Center, that parking is reserved for its patrons).

  1. Meet up time and location

September 8th, 2018, meet up at 8:30am. We’ll meet at the parking lot at 8126 Marty, OPKS, 66204, at 8:30am.

  1. March starts

The March starts at 9:00am

  1. March route

We’ll walk just a little over a mile, in a loop (so we’ll end up where we started). We’re tentatively planning to follow this route:

– North on Marty to 81st St.– West on 81st St. through Santa Fe Commons Park to Santa Fe Dr. – Northeast on Santa Fe Dr. to 79th St. – East on 79th St. to Marty – South on Marty to near the Farmers Market, where we will rally – Across Marty at the designated crosswalk, then south to 80th St. – East on 80th St. to the crosswalk near Homer’s Coffeehouse, where we will cross to the south side of 80th – East on 80th to Metcalf Ave. – South on Metcalf to Marty – Northwest on Marty back to our meeting point

This route is ~1.3 miles long. (The route was updated this week due to construction, and to ensure we stay on sidewalks in accordance with the law.) It takes about 25 minutes to walk the loop at a leisurely pace, and we’ll stop once to rally, so the whole event may last around 45 minutes to an hour.

  1. March activities/chants

We will limit the march to stay on sidewalks. We’ll have march captains spaced out along the length of the march to help guide everyone. We’re planning to have a speaker system on a wagon in the center of the march, with beats and chants so everyone can hear. Feel free to bring your own signs, percussion, flags, and materials to make the experience exciting and varied–we want as many people representing climate, jobs, and justice as possible! Chants and call/response slogans will be discussed when we begin the march. You’re also welcome to make your own signs on the themes of Climate, Jobs and Justice, Go Fossil Free, and 100% Clean Energy. We will have rally signs with the message Go Fossil Free/100% Clean Energy for those who do not bring a sign.

  1. Station table location

There is no space for organizations to table at this event! Emily Libla of 350KC will be heading up our one single PCM station table, which will be located in the clock tower area adjacent to the Farmer’s Market, and accessible to both market attendees and march participants. (March attendees cannot gather at the tabling area – only 4 people total can be present at the table at any given time). This won’t include conventional “tabling” so much as a station for discussion and activities for youth.

  1. Activities for the kids

At the station, we’ll have a Throw-And-Grow making station (little earth-ball seed starters that kids can put together that sprout native Kansas/Missouri plants). Kids can take their earth-ball home, and we’ll have a hand-washing station.

  1. Activities for adults

We’ll have postcards for youth and adults to write to their local Johnson County Commissioners, to call for a 100% renewable energy resolution. PCMKC will then deliver the postcards to the Commision, via mail or by hand.

  1. Action calls: Top 3

For this event, we have three specific calls to action:

  1. Johnson County: Adopt at Fossil-Free Resolution, and Citizens should join the new, local 350JoCo Chapter

  2. KC Metro: Have all mayors in the metro region join the Climate Mayors Initiative, and the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy.

  3. State/National: Make every election a climate election–in 2018, vote at all levels for people who recognize the reality of the climate challenge and who are committed to working for our future.


  1. Partner Organizations

To become a Partner Organization, please contact Josh King (see the Contact page for more info). We would love to have you all attend and amplify your message as well work for climate, jobs, and justice. Partner organizations are welcomed to bring “mobile tabling” in the dual sense: there’s no space for tables (as mentioned above), so everything should be carried; and, that can often be helped by mobile technology (like tablets). We welcome the use of signs, sign-ups, petitions, and the restrained use of flyers from partners only (please limit distribution of paper for enthusiastic recipients–a bunch of litter makes for a bad look at an environmental march).

  1. Overall messaging

This is about climate, jobs, and justice. It’s to show support with the Climate Summit in California, the Fossil-Free movement in the Metro, and the Climate Mayors movement across the country. People’s Climate Movement (PCM) is a diverse, intersectional movement that brings everyone to the table. It’s true–right now the current leadership of the Republican Party is driving us right for armageddon: but the majority of the people on both the left and the right understand climate reality, and it’s up to those on the right to change their leadership, and those on the left to hold their leaders to their word. We all share the same air, and we’re all responsible to support leaders who will work for a livable world, a livable wage, and livable communities.

  1. Post March Rally

We’re working on a location for a post-march meetup. This effort is being spearheaded by Green Drinks, and we’re currently looking at Brew Lab. More info will be announced during the March!