I met Brianna Fruean in November 2010 when I visited the South Pacific nation of Samoa. With a massive 12-year old smile she shook my hand and handed over her business card – “350.org Samoa Coordinator” (I won’t forget the epic Michael Jackson quote on there too: “If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change”).

Since then, Brianna has demonstrated time and again that she is a world class organiser. She knows how to mobilise the community on scale for action on climate change and other environmental issues. You might have seen her in the 2011 Samoa Moving Planet video, where she worked up a massive rally to encourage the world to move beyond fossil fuels – that video has inspired hundreds of people around the world. 

With a short turn-around time for Climate Impacts Day on May 5th this year, she and the rest of the 350 Samoa team got together and went big again. She’s a little bit older (14 now), and the camera work has got a bit flasher, but there’s still loads of inspiration to soak up from this video. So check out what the 350 Samoa team has got going on!


Brianna has been fundraising to attend Rio+20 as a youth delegate from Samoa. We’d love to see her there and speaking up loud – but she needs some more funding. If you’re keen to support her to get there, then you can donate through the 350 Aotearoa (New Zealand) fundraising page.

Thanks Brianna and the rest of your team and family for the awesome work/inspiration!