There are just two weeks to go until 10/10/10! Here at our office in Oakland, California, I'm feeling an incredible sense of momentum. We're hearing about great events being planned all across the planet, from an urban gardening and hip hop party in right here in Oakland to work parties in Pakistan, Bolivia, and elsewhere. 

As of today, there are 4,174 work parties planned in over 171 countries. That number is growing by the day—often with over 100 new work parties in a single day! 

Some people aren't waiting until 10/10/10 to get started. Check out this great photograph from Vietnam, where citizens in Hoi An organized a "Walking for the Environment" day this weekend to celebrate car free culture and discuss sustainable development in Vietnam: 

Looks like they got the message that 10/10/10 is all about "Work" but it's also about a "Party"! We want to send a powerful message to our politicians, but we also want to celebrate the clean energy future that we are all building together. 

As I wrote in the Huffington Post last week, 

"The idea behind the Global Work Party is simple. To build a grassroots movement that can challenge Big Oil and deliver real climate action, we need to root that movement in community solutions to the climate crisis. No one hates a solar panel, they just don't believe it will ever power their home. By making climate solutions real and visible, we can build broader support for the type of transformation we need. On 10/10/10 people around the world will be painting bike lanes, planting community gardens, raising wind turbines, putting up solar panels, and doing hundreds of other small things to show that change is possible." 

We've got just two weeks left until the big day. That's still plenty of time, however, to register a work party in your community. Think about things that you can pull together quickly. A set of tree plantings, a bicycle parade, an energy audit of your community center or church, a rally at the site of a renewable energy installation in your community, and more. And, of course, make sure to check out if there is an event already planned in your city or town that you can join. 

Together, we can turn 10/10/10 into a big step forward for our movement and the planet. Let's get to work.