When our friends from Greenpeace Denmark told us that they want to go back to the Bella Center (the conference centre where the climate talks happened in 2009) to symbolically move beyond the so called Copenhagen trauma  as part of Moving Planet we were a bit sceptical: personally I have quite frustrating memories of Copenhagen, mainly standing in the freezing cold in front of the already half empty Bella centre after our world leaders left Copenhagen in a hurry after it became clear that they couldn't agree on a fair and ambitious international climate treaty. 

But there seems to be some recent interesting developments happening in Copenhagen when it comes to climate change policies: the newly elected centre-left government under Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt just announced that they will raise their 2020 emission reduction target to 40% and aim to cover half of Denmark's energy needs by 2020 using renewables. 

With the Danes taking over the EU presidency beginning of 2012 it would be great to see Denmark taking their good example onto the European level. Hopefully other European memeber states will be inspired by Denmark's example and will join in raising climate ambition in Europe.

Afterall our Danish friends have been right: it's time to leave our Copenhagen trauma behind and start moving forward. The new Danish government made a first step in the right direction now let's push other European governments to start moving towards adequate climate targets on the national and European level.