Dear Friends,

Our sincere apologies.  Earlier today we mistakenly sent an email in Spanish and Portuguese to a group of organizers and supporters around the world from our colleague Jamie's email address.  Please know that you have received this same information in English so you can disregard these emails, and know that we will work to make sure that this kind of mistake does not happen often.
We know that in these days of internet communication, we need to be sensitive to email overload, and especially with a global campaign, we need to be sensitive to the different languages we use to communicate around the world.  In the hectic final weeks of a global push towards 10/10/10, we anticipated a few mistakes, but we are sorry for any confusion the emails caused.
People around the world are organizing for 10/10/10 in their own languages, and we are thrilled at the diversity and power of the communication in all languages that are spreading this global story.  You got to see a little more of it today than was necessary, and for that we apologize. 
Please email us at organizers [at] with any questions or concerns.
The Team