Rafael Blázquez is an Environmental Consultant in Córdoba, Spain.


“We still have time to act, but it's running out. This is the idea that motivates me to accelerate our work towards changing the direction we're headed in,” says Rafael Blázquez, an environmental consultant in Cordoba, Spain. Rafael is the coordinator of VERDE POR EL CLIMA (Green for the Climate).

Rafael is now an environmental consultant to promote renewable energies, but he's long been active in youth movements, neighborhood associations and cooperatives promoting ecological and environmental responsibility. Through all of this, his belief in the importance of “thinking globally and acting locally” has continually been reinforced. His involvement with VERDE POR EL CLIMA continues to be inspired by this mantra – “think globally, act locally” – and also inspires others to do so by promoting stewardship in the community through creating an open and engaging platform for families, institutions, companies, and organizations to all rally around a common charge to solve a global challenge.

For Rafael, keeping a positive attitude about our ability to change direction is necessary to be able to achieve any success in doing so. The October 10th Global Work Party is all about getting to work on climate change in local communities across Europe and around the world. But it's also about showing our politicians how it's done, so that they can follow the lead of their constituents. In the video clip below, Rafael gives us a taste of how organizers of actions in Spain, Europe, and the rest of the world will be communicating the importance of climate action to their local and national governments. Rafael speaks with Curro Cobos, the environment councilmember of the Córdoba City Council to clarify what the city is doing, but also to raise the bar by setting expectations about what local citizens will be doing on and after October 10th to take effective climate action.

Watch the video below (in Spanish):

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