This video just came in from Dortmund, Germany, and the growing energy around an Earthclamation Mark campaign run by Planet Act.  It’s exciting to see our good friend John Quigley, who we have worked with for almost 3 years now, in his role as aerial artist and director.  The scope of the art that he has brought to the climate movement, and the number of people he’s involved through these big aerial projects, is pretty amazing.

However, it’s perhaps more exciting (sorry John) to see our new friends at Planet Act who are working with him on these Earthclamation Marks.  The first Earthclamation Mark was part of our integrated message in Bonn, Germany, where the last round of UN talks on climate change happened just a few weeks ago. 

This latest video is particularly exciting because Planet Act is going into the local communities in their area and working with the young people at school there.  If you think the real leadership is going to come from the United Nations, think again.  They’re responding to their leaders’ decisions and the political mandate that we, the public, have given them.  The real leadership starts in places like this, where we can change those leaders’ decisions and shift the political mandate to address the latest science on climate change.  That science, and this latest Earthclamation Mark, say 350!