as a global movement, where ever we might be. Tomorrow lets all push together and connect the dots. 

Juan Carlos

Bolivia is on the frontline when it comes to the impacts of climate change, with floods, droughts and melting glaciers all posing threats to the lives and livelihoods of an already vulnerable population. Children and young people here face a precarious future. The Democracy Center, along with the Observatorio de Medioambiente de Tiquipaya and ROJA (Red de Organizaciones Juveniles Autonomas) carried out a filming workshop with young people in the department of Cochabamba looking at climate change from their perspective, and thinking about what needs to be done. To reinforce the message that we can move things further and faster when we work together we filmed the group pushing each other on a roundabout, starting with everyone on the roundabout and gradually getting off to help push. We took photos of the group as a ‘dot’ on top of the roundabout to begin, and as another ‘dot’ surrounding the roundabout at the end. See this video of us pushing ourselves around the climate impact dot: