We rejoice with our brothers and sisters in Egypt at the news that Hosni Mubarak has resigned–Egypt has been a big part of 350 from the very first video we ever did, which showed the 350 pennant floating from the pyramids. As you know, we've been bringing you their reports from Tahrir Square.

But we rejoice even more at the example they set for the rest of the world, and implicitly for those of us engaged in the climate fight. A real people's movement–a massive, broad-based, honest movement that doesn't focus on elites, but instead on the whole population–can move mountains. We're very glad Hosni Mubarak trembled and ran today, and we hope that the fossil fuel companies–who seem as strong today as Mubarak did a month ago–are feeling just the tiniest bit nervous. People don't rise up often, but when they do their power is very real.