The latest edition of Popular Science has profiled 9 of the world's communities who have made the ambitious commitment of lowering their emissions to zero, to check in on how they're doing to meet their goal that has set them as the leaders and examples.  The 9 communities have some interesting stories behind them, so be sure to click through – from Greensburg, Kansas, a community flattened by a tornado that has now committed to rebuilding entirely green, to a whole island in Denmark that is now producing more energy than it uses, to our friends in the Maldives who are both severely impacted by climate change and setting the pace for addresssing it.  These communities have some great ideas for how to really get serious in making the transition locally to clean energy and a carbon-free future – maybe they'll have some good ideas for your 10/10 eventCheck it out!

Samsø, Denmark

Number 10. OK, so to really make it 10 communities (that is our theme for the year), we can add in Middlebury College in the US state of Vermont – where many of the 350 coordinators got their start organizing on climate change.  Here's the guide we wrote as students for getting your college to slash emissions and more info about how they're doing in acheiving their goals.  OK, time to get to work!