There’s a lot of good news lately on the grassroots organizing front. On campuses, at churches, on bus tours, all across the U.S., there’s a resurgance of practical and political change. It’s the kind of inspiration we all need as 2010 kicks off, and as we head towards the historic 40th Anniversary of Earth Day.

In that spirit, we wanted to provide a few bits of information to help you get ready for Earth Day. First, our friends in Massachusetts are at it again. There’s a new initiative afoot to help replace 100,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity by helping citizens retrofit their homes. You can learn more the Commonwealth Challenge by watching the video below.

Second, if you’re looking for a way to host an Earth Day event in your town, consider screening the wonderful film "No Impact Man," starring 350 Messenger Colin Beavan. A film screening is a great way to bring people together and use it as an opportunity to host a brainstorming session about helping your town lower its negative impacts and up its positive ones! More info can be found here.

On the global scale, our friends at Earth Day Network are the aggregators of all the many activites on Earth Day, so check out their website. There will also be an important international gathering in Bolivia taking place around Earth Day. We’ll be there with our friends from throughout the Andes, so check back for updates!