The Indian Youth Climate Network (IYCN) is on a road trip. Not just an ordinary one, but an India Climate Solutions Road Tour touching 15 cities and traveling across several towns and villages covering a distance of over 3,350 Km. The focus of the road tour is two-fold, to  raise awareness and to convert awareness into tangible actions. Envisioned and engineered by star climate solution champions Caroline Howe and Alexis Ringwald, the month long road tour will document climate solutions all throughout the journey, in order to build capactiy for achieving 350!

A ten member group of the Indian Youth Climate Network and a solar powered band are part of this journey, being made in solar plug-in electric cars and alternative-fueled buses. One of the cars, an electric powered Reva – is painted 350! The trip is scheduled from January 2 to February 5, 2009 and will be a month of climate communication – sharing solutions in clean tech showcases, empowering youth in leadership training programs, and using art, dance and music to communicate the message in as many ways as possible.

The road tour is also a ‘drive to change’ campaign and aims to sow the first seeds of a green change, towards a radical shift to cleaner energy and reduced emissions. The auto industry and the corresponding transport policy needs to reviewed in today’s date and we need to shift to more sustainable transport options. The options exist, the political will needs nurturing and that is an underlying objective of the India Climate Solutions Roat Tour, on the road to 350!

India Climate Solutions Project: