We have seen such an great response from people wanting to contribute to the 350 EARTH project in South Africa so we set up a donation page so people can give to the project directly.  For $150 our friends in South Africa will buy one large solar cooker from Sunfire Solitions as a permanent solution to carbon reduction in the Khayelitsha community of South Africa.

Here is the re-cap: many residents do not have access to electricity and those who do generally can’t afford more than the government’s Basic Allowance of 50kW per month, which seldom lasts more than a couple of weeks. The rest of the month, and those households without electricity, people end up cooking with parffin, scraps of wood or other flammable and carbon-intensive materials.

That's why on November 27, 2010, 1,000 people will come together in South Africa for a meal together that will be cooked exclusively with solar cookers to raise global awareness about opportunities we have to cook with the power of the sun!  How will they get the word out about this event? Well, by being photographed from space , of course. Residents will create the image to the right out of the solar cookers and will have a 59 second window where the design will be photographed from a passing satellite.  This project is being done as part of 350 EARTH, a global art project to show the how climate change is impacting our planet and what creative solutions will get us to 350ppm.

These cookers are serious business and last for ten years and can boil water in five minutes.  It's worth the $150 investment!!