On Tuesday, a snow storm hit the east coast, resulting in missed connections and flight delays for Bill McKibben and Duncan Meisel. Since both are key players in the Do The Math tour, we had to delay the Columbus show by 40 minutes. Rather than riots and walkouts, the lobby filled with impromptu divestment meetings, so that when the show started, the audience was filled with people excited to have already plugged into the movement. 

The shows were phenomenal- the energy is incredible, the backstage crews (where I set up shop) are nothing but helpful and considerate, and a few of the ushers have asked whether this is “really just an environmental event”. 

Both the Columbus and the Chigago shows were sold out- the 13th and 14th consecutive sold-out shows. If we can sell out Omaha, which happens on Saturday, we’ll have sold out every show on the tour. 

Onwards to Madison, where I will see folks tonight!